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Why do I need a Growth Mindset?

There is a large list of differences between fixed and Growth-Oriented Mindsets: In the way you perceive challenges, overcome obstacles, make efforts, deal with criticism and the success of others. 

People with a growth mindset are more flexible and believe that success depends on action. That's why everyone can be great in anything they do. A Growth Mindset makes it possible to see opportunities and is the basis for growth everywhere, even in the event of failure.

A learner with a Growth Mindset relies entirely on these challenges. Through failure, experience and the potential for new knowledge, they actively seek new opportunities in the tireless pursuit of growth in every way.

tl;dr A Growth Mindset will help you find your way and achieve happiness and success in this crazy, insecure world.

fixed vs growth

Learn how successful people make use of their mindset to achieve success

You want to be successful for a long time, but so far nothing has worked for you? Or, perhaps you are already very successful, but unfortunately the luck and the feeling of success remains to be seen.

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