Why you have no motivation - 10 reasons for it

Why Do I Have No Motivationโ€“ 10 reasons why you're lazy ๐Ÿ‘‹

By Hoffi โ€ข Updated on July 04, 2019

Motivation is an incredibly important element in moving forward in life. It is the spark that ignites the burning desire in us to change something in our lives. It can be an enormous accelerator to reach our goals and it can make our way to that much easier.

Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in phases when motivation leaves us and we feel almost no drive. In this article, you will experience the 10 biggest mistakes that destroy your motivation and what you can do to go through life again motivated and with full drive. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

TL;DR Why Do I Have No Motivation? Generally speaking, motivation is energy. We rob ourselves of energy through bad habits.

#1 | Aimlessness

The biggest motivational killer is aimlessness. Motivation is the energy that drives us towards our goals. So if you don’t have clear goals, no motivation can arise. The same applies to the wrong goals. Many people have goals that are simply fashionable without having any emotional connection to them. Classics for this are sports cars, luxury watches, villas and the like.

The same applies if you decide to earn a certain sum of money without having a crystal-clear idea why you want to earn so much money. Question these goals and realize that maybe you actually have completely different values in life. Find out that it is much more important to have the freedom to live according to your own ideas. To have a lot of time for sports, friends & great experiences and the freedom to surround yourself with the people you want in your life. This is much more important than luxury and glamour. Money is and luxury is certainly a motivator, but you always have to ask yourself why you want it. You can also find out more in the book “Find Your Why” (*) by Simon Sinek.

So always question the “why” behind your goals and whether they are actually your own goals or just those that are popular status symbols in society.

This is also a short TED talk about how you can find your WHY:


#2 | Do not compare yourself with others

The second mistake that will rob you of motivation is to constantly compare yourself with others.

Compare is a very human need. We all want to know where we stand and see how we develop. But comparing ourselves with others is extremely damaging for our self-confidence and above all for our motivation. Especially on the internet and on social media we are often presented with a completely distorted reality. Everyone seems to be so perfect and easy to go through life while struggling. You feel like a failure and doubt more and more that you can reach your goals. This, of course, does a lot of damage to your motivation.

So compare yourself only with yourself and your personal development.

As long as you constantly evolve, no matter how slowly, you will eventually reach your goals. It is of course perfectly ok to let yourself be inspired by others, as long as you don’t take this as your exaggerated yardstick.

#3 |ย Distractions

Distractions are another point that can do enormous damage to your motivation.

Think briefly of an activity that you really enjoy. For example, your favorite hobby. Now imagine that you would have the opportunity to meet your dream partner or your greatest idol instead of pursuing your hobby. How great would your motivation really be to pursue your hobby? Probably pretty close to zero, although you like to do it basically.

Motivation always depends on the alternatives. That is if you should work or learn, but Netflix runs next to you on your laptop, your motivation automatically decreases. Likewise, if you want to lose weight and there is a delicious cake in the fridge next to the salad or your friends send you a message if you want to go out with them even though you were actually going to the gym.

Most people try to fight these distractions with willpower, but this is rarely successful. Even if you eventually do, you’re not particularly motivated to do it and it simply won’t feel good. Besides, our minds will wander. This means that we will always wander off to the distractions in our thoughts and permanently feel the need for them. Either way, this will have an enormous negative effect on your motivation and performance.

The solution is to prevent these distractions and stumbling blocks in advance.

So not to have junk food at home if you want to lose weight. Turning off your mobile phone when you want to work and so on. You can also check out how you can improve your productivity and reduce distractions in this post.

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#4 | Your Physical Energy

If you are permanently tired and exhausted or in the worst case even sick, this has very negative effects on all areas of life and especially on your motivation.

If you have little energy, your body will literally resist working towards your goals. So make sure you eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise and sleep. Often we neglect these areas to do more work. However, this will always backfire because you will be less motivated and less productive. Another great way is to start your day with an energizing morning Routine. In this Post, you get 21 Morning Routines for an energizing Morning.

#5 | Doing the wrong things

The fifth reason you might not have motivation is because you’re doing the wrong things.

You’ve heard it before, but it’s incredibly important. Without passion, there is also no motivation. If you do something that is boring or frustrating for you and you don’t see any serious sense behind it, then you won’t be able to motivate yourself.

This is especially true for your job. If you only have your job because it’s well paid, but you can’t stand the job, the industry or your professional environment, you won’t feel motivated.

The same applies if you do a sport only because it promises you the most beautiful body. If you don’t enjoy something at all, then look for an alternative that brings you similar results, but suits you better. At the end of the day, you will have more motivation and drive and thus become happier and more successful.

Here is a great Video from Improvement Pill how to find your passion (5:40min)


#6 | Lack of confidence

Self-confidence and motivation go hand in hand. If you don’t believe that you can create something, then you will feel little motivation to start. Your subconscious wants to protect you from wasting your time and taking unnecessary risks. But if you are internally convinced that you can do something and it is only a matter of time before you achieve something, then you will also feel a tremendous urge to do the necessary things for it.

Why you have no motivation - confidence

#7 | Your environment

There are people who rob us of an enormous amount of energy and motivation. When we deal with them, we feel exhausted, irritated or depressed afterward. They are people who are constantly trying to talk us out of our goals, who are constantly criticizing you or who are constantly moaning and blaspheming.

No matter how strong you are, it will have an enormous negative influence on you if you have people around you who are permanently negative. It will rub off on your thoughts and feelings and rob you of a lot of motivation.

So try to avoid these people as good as you can and build a positive environment with people who have similar goals as yourself.

#8 | Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the fastest ways to take away your motivation. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that perfectionism achieves significantly fewer results. Because according to the Pareto principle, the first 20% of the work already brings 80% of the results, while the remaining 80% of the work only leads to 20% more results. This means that if you want to achieve 100% immediately in one area, you will only get a quarter of the results, like someone who does 20% of the work in 5 areas and then does the first 80% of the results.

Basically, the idea of striving for perfection is not wrong. Because we always want to develop ourselves further and become better and better in certain areas. However, this thought is subject to some errors of thought:

  1. If you always want to make everything perfect, this quickly leads to frustration and excessive demands.
  2. If you achieve less short-term results through perfectionism, as mentioned earlier. All this has a devastating effect on motivation and is highly likely to lead to giving up.
  3. Perfectionism does not even lead to better quality.

Study: An experiment was carried out with prospective photographers. These were divided into two groups. They had one year to create the perfect picture. The second group, unlike the first group, had to deliver a new picture every week. At the end of the year the results were compared. The best pictures came without exception from the groups of those who had to deliver one picture per week. It is not said for nothing that practice makes perfect.

So that means you should always look for the 20% searches that give you the most results in the short term and strive for perfection in the long term. Then you will achieve significantly more and go through life with a higher level of motivation.

Why you have no motivation - Perfectionism

#9 | Excessive demands

Overstraining is the ninth point with which you can quickly destroy your motivation.

We always want to achieve as much as possible as quickly as possible. That’s why we do 100 things simultaneously, demand a lot from ourselves and don’t even allow ourselves breaks or enough sleep. Unfortunately, this almost always starts at the back. Multitasking demonstrably leads to significantly worse results than focusing on one thing after another.

In the end, we very often do not live up to our high expectations of ourselves, which in turn leads to frustration. In the end, we have no results and find ourselves in a motivational hole.

So always start small and focus on one thing at a time.

If you realize after two weeks that it’s incredibly easy for you, you can still raise your demands. First, make a habit of certain behavior and then concentrate on the next one. Don’t forget to take a break and recover. Just like the muscle, your mind grows during the recovery phases and not while you are using it. So give your mind the opportunity to evolve, grow and re-connect.

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#10 | You don't get results.

Our brain needs dopamine to keep you going. For example, dopamine is released through positive results or reward.

You can imagine that your subconscious is a powerful elephant and your consciousness is the rider. As a rider, you can control the elephant, but if you don’t feed it, it will simply refuse to move forward at some point. You can’t push the elephant to promise to get tasty food in 3 days, but if you keep the food in front of him, he’ll keep running.

This brings us to the paradox of goals. Most negative habits cost little effort in the short term and offer immediate rewards. Like short-term relaxation through alcohol or nicotine, the intense taste of junk food or the light entertainment on the Internet or television. However, the negative consequences of this behavior lie far in the future.

In the case of positive behavior, the opposite is true. The effort is greatest at the beginning and you hardly see any results yet. Only later will it get easier and better and better. Fitness training is the most strenuous at the beginning and the results often take weeks or months. Setting up a business takes an incredible amount of time in the beginning, but often only bears fruit after a few months.

In order to build up a more constant and higher level of motivation, you absolutely need milestones and rewards, otherwise, your subconscious will turn against you at some point.

Building up positive habits on a regular basis provides for regular good results and successes and thus for a constantly high level of motivation. It also helps you to do the right thing if you are not so motivated.

Extra tip

It is important that you do not listen too much to general motivation advice. Because we are all different and there are things that motivate one person and totally slow the other down.

That’s why you have to find out what works for you personally and what doesn’t.

And as soon as you know what motivates and demotivates you, you learn how to apply this knowledge in everyday life. So you specifically create motivation. By skillfully adapting your situation. This is self-management in its purest form. You first get to know yourself better and then use the knowledge about yourself in a smart, clever, intelligent and attentive way.

And that is much better than to get angry about one’s own lack of drive and still postpone the task further. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Why you have no motivation - Perfectionism

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