Do you want to be healthy all your life?

Or do you want wealth without end?

Do you want happy relationships?

Then you have landed just right here. The law of attraction makes all your wishes and dreams come true.

But what is the Secret to the Law of Attraction?

Whoever deals with modern spirituality cannot avoid the law of attraction. It is an invention of the esoteric scene.

It doesn’t really exist in this way. However, there are indeed secret spiritual laws that have been taught to only a few scholars, kings, priests and masters in human history.

Even today there are still secret societies and lodges in which these are taught.

Although every human being is subject to these laws, only a few know how it really works.

You can achieve all your dreams, desires and goals with these laws if you know how they really work.

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Why the law of attraction doesn't work? ๐Ÿค”

The law of attraction is an invention of esoteric literature. The authors have simply searched for a term that sells well.

And so the spiritual law of resonance became the law of attraction.

The first to write books about it were Jerry and Esther Hicks. If a book with a title can be sold well, then imitators are not far away.

And so Jerry and Esther landed a bestseller with the book “The Law of Attraction”. And many other authors followed.

Esther and Jerry state that they channel an entity called “Abraham”. So far so good.

It may well be that people have the ability to channel. But I am rather cautious. But that’s another story.

The fact is that the law of attraction is the spiritual law of resonance.

In the Bible, there is the parable of rich and poor. The poor will become poorer and the rich will become richer.

What does this really mean? In this article, I will get a little closer to the matter and give you, as far as possible, a little instruction how you can get to know and apply the Secret to Law of Attraction & spiritual laws.

The spiritual laws

There are many physical laws and there are many metaphysical laws. The teaching of physics is the teaching of the visible.

The teaching of metaphysics is the teaching of what is behind the physical. And many people have problems with that.

They only believe in what they can see and grasp with their senses.

But these senses are deceptive. They only move in a certain range of vibration. Everything that goes beyond that is not perceived by us humans. This is also the case with the metaphysical laws.

Just because you don’t perceive them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They work! Even if you don’t know about it.

Here are the most important metaphysical laws:

The Law of the Infinite Being

The spirit creates matter

The law of order

The law of equivalence (as above so also below)

The law of resonance

The law of resonance is according to the esoteric literature the law of attraction.

If you do not observe the other laws, the law of attraction will not work.

That is why the other laws should also be mentioned:

The Law of the Infinite Being

The infinite being is a concept from the philosophy of metaphysics. In religions, being is often referred to as God.

This is not completely wrong, but also not really correct. The concept of God in religions is unfortunately used only too often to frighten other people and thereby suppress them.

The infinite being is that power and energy that stands above good and evil. Out of it comes the infinite creative power of being and unconditional love. This being could also be called the primordial light.

It is important to understand that you have to resonate with the infinite Being in order to manifest. You must come into a state of being in order to be successful.

Simply put, you must be love if you want love in your life. You must be wealthy if you want to have wealth in your life.

This state of being is the basic prerequisite for manifestation.

And here I give you the key to open the lock of manifestation:

You get what you are

Unfortunately, it is not easy to get into this state of being when you live in want. Many exercises described in books are meant to help you reach this inner state of being. There are many ways to get there.

You can work with:




gratitude rituals

mental images


and much more

If you do not have the inner state of being, then success will fail.

A very good exercise is the “do as you please” exercise. You use mental images, can reinforce them with autosuggestion or affirmations and act as if you have already reached the desired state. This works best in a relaxation exercise, meditation or with mindfulness.

The spirit creates matter

The spirit creates matter, not the other way around.

Science assumes that first there is matter and then something like a psyche and a spirit. When matter disintegrates again, everything is gone.

In spiritual philosophies, however, it is assumed that first there is something spiritual and then matter arises.

Put simply:

You can only be something if you are there before.

You can only be a doctor if you are there before. You have to be first and then you can become whatever you want. If you are, then you can create everything that you can grasp in your mind.

This law expresses the power of creation. The infinite being (see first law) has endowed you with creative power.

The law of order

Order is salvation and disorder is disaster. From order comes salvation and from disorder comes disaster.

It is important for man to understand that he begins to create order in his thoughts and feelings.

Order in the thoughts means that you should first think about which thoughts you would like to have. Because your feelings arise from the thoughts and your feelings determine your actions.

If you have no control over your thoughts then you have no control over your feelings and you have no control over your actions.

Your actions become your destiny.

The Law of Compensation

This law is also well known. It means as above so also below. Or like inside so also outside.

What you carry within you, you will also experience again in your exterior.

So pay attention to what you carry within you.

In Buddhism and Hinduism, this law is also called the law of karma. These religions also teach reincarnation.

With us, it is known as the rebirth of the soul. Unfortunately, this teaching is often misunderstood. Reincarnation wants to teach us the following:

It teaches that the soul is immortal and can be born again and again. And if this is true, it is possible that you may be born a Jew in the next life. Then you may be born as a fugitive in the next life.

Then it may be that you will be born with black skin color in the next life. And this is the great teaching of reincarnation. If you realize that you could be a refugee in the next life, then you will think differently about these people in this life.

So if you have lived before, you have done certain things in a previous life. Good and less good. The good deeds are, so to speak, your plus points in this life and the less good deeds are the minus points.

Well, and the minus points could be a blockade in the here and now. But how do we solve this blockade? That’s a different story again ๐Ÿ˜‰

So you realize these laws intertwine. They cannot exist independently of each other.

So if you concentrate only on the law of attraction, then it may not quite work.

The law of attraction

With the law of attraction, you can work wonderfully on yourself. You can use it to determine and change your state of mind.

Affirmations, beliefs, and suggestions play an important role. Beliefs arise through affirmations and suggestions which you inwardly affirm and accept.

No matter where they come from. Most beliefs you do not really make yourself. But they come from your environment.

They come from your parents, from your teachers, and from your role models.

Understanding the meaning of one's own words and thoughts

Words are everywhere. Words are expressed thoughts. We speak to them, read them, write them and think them.

Throughout our lives, it is about finding precise words. Words for what you think and feel.

Words can destroy and words can heal. When a doctor says to his patient:

“There is no more hope.”

Then it depends on how strong man is. For most people, the world collapses at this message.

It sounds completely different when the doctor speaks:

“The situation is serious, but we will do everything we can to make sure they are completely healthy again.”

Try to empathize with those words. And you notice that perhaps the same message comes across. But a completely different content.

Words create energy in you. If you simply take over words that come from outside, then at some point you will no longer be master of your emotional life.

You should always get into the habit of checking which words and which thoughts you want to have inside you.

Some time ago I made the decision not to consume media anymore. I don’t read newspapers and don’t see the news anymore.

I have noticed that these messages do me no good.

When you open the newspaper, true chaos comes upon you.

You read on one page about murders, wars, and misery and at the same moment, you see on the same page an article about the carnival procession in yours. Isn’t that bizarre?

How should your mind and soul know about it? What now: Carnival or Dead? Gees
So you see, you can’t really control these influences. And most of these messages are negative. They don’t take you any further.

What does it help you in your personal life if you know that a child was killed in Iraq?

Does it make you happier, more fulfilled and more enlightened? Rather not. Please don’t misunderstand me.

I don’t want to take away your beloved newspaper. I just want to make you aware that media consumption does not make you happier and more fulfilled.

The key so that the law of attraction also works

There’s a key to making the law of attraction work. It is not enough to imagine the realization of a wish.

Also, it is not enough to work with autosuggestions and do relaxation training. It needs much more.

As already mentioned in the law of being, you have to get into an inner state of being.

As soon as you have a wish, you can be sure that you are living in a lack.

For example, if you want more wealth, you probably live in poverty. Or you are simply not satisfied with your financial situation. If you want a partner, you are probably lonely.

A wish always arises from a lack

And that’s exactly the dilemma. You want to have exactly what you don’t have. If you had enough of it, then you wouldn’t need it. Life is really mean.

The key lies in the fact that you come to a certain inner state of being. And this is where mental training comes in.

You create mental images for yourself and thus create a certain emotional state. However, there are some things to consider about mental images. You should convince your brain that what you imagine is already true.

And there are very clear strategies for it. One of them is the “power of questions”.

The power of questions

First of all, you should be aware of what you want to edit. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and make a note of the topic. The clearer your goal, the more likely you are to succeed. You should formulate a clear sentence for your goal:

I want to live in financial freedom.

But also be aware of the need behind it. If you have the desire for financial freedom, it’s certainly not about the blue and green paper notes. In truth, you can’t do anything with them except perhaps use them to make a fire. It’s more about freedom and security. So the need that should be satisfied is the need for security and freedom.

We're pretending to be

As already mentioned above, there is the “do as you please” exercise. This exercise can work wonders. Your brain cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. Science now knows that man does not really see with his eyes.

The eyes serve only for stimulus absorption and transmission. The visual stimuli (forms, light, and colors) are transported via the optic nerves to the visual center of the brain where they are reassembled and evaluated by the photoreceptors.

Correct vision, therefore, happens in the brain.

The same photoreceptors build the image that you have built in your imagination. The same is true for the other sensory organs. The organs themselves, e.g. ears, only serve to transmit stimuli. And we can use this fact to create an inner reality.

The Law of Attraction - A Small Guide

Put yourself in a relaxed state. If you are really relaxed, imagine your wish first. Try to create an image in front of your inner eye. In technical language, this is called visualization. Any person can visualize.

Just think back to your last holiday at the sea. Can you still remember how the waves of the water hit the beach? See, you can visualize!

Remember: Your brain can’t tell whether it’s an idea or a reality.

Let your imagination become reality in your brain. And now reinforce this inner picture with the following questions:

How do I feel when my wish has come true?

For example, if you want financial freedom, what feeling do you have when you know that there is enough money in your account?

If you want a partner: How does his/her hand feel? Try to feel how you hold the hand in your hand.

If you want health: How does it feel, without any pain? How does this change my posture?

Try charging your mental image with emotional questions. Try to feel the realization with your body. How does your posture change when you feel that your wish is already reality? Is the spine more upright? Do you breathe more freely?

Adapt your posture to the inner picture!

If you want financial freedom, are there people who praise you? What words would they say to you? How does that sound?

For example, if you want financial freedom, what feeling do you have when you know that there is enough money in your account?

If you want a partner, what would he/she say to you? Words of tenderness and love?

If you want health, what would your doctor say to you? Would he be amazed that you are suddenly healthy?

Go with all your sensations and all your senses into the realized situation!

Oh yes, and you should do this exercise for at least 21 days. Your brain needs the 21 days to build new nerve tracts. Look forward to the result. It will blow your mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

The resonance parameter

Please try the following exercise:

You close your eyes and do the exercise described above in a quick run. It must be possible to see your picture in the mind’s eye within a few moments. You should be able to recall the same acoustic impressions and the same wonderful feelings of realization within a few seconds.

Concentrate. Feel it. Create your inner mental images, go right into these images and wait a moment. Then open your eyes again and judge the strength of your visualization on a scale from 1 to 10. Where 1 is very weak and 10 is very strong.

If your value is higher than 7, then you have manifested the mental image powerfully in your subconscious and it does not take long until the wish will come true.


With the law of attraction is born the spiritual law of resonance. However, there are some other spiritual laws that are also very important. Only if you learn to apply all laws in harmony will you have the success you desire. The laws work regardless of whether you know about them or not. They are valid for all living beings. In the history of mankind, there have always been special people who knew about these laws. They have also understood how to apply them correctly.

The law of Resonant is the best known of the spiritual laws. There is a way to work constructively with this law. With the “do as you please” exercise you have a wonderful opportunity to take your own destiny into your own hands. The exercise is quite simple. You just have to practice and apply it. If you have a theme and follow the steps discussed above, you can change your life in a positive direction within a very short time. You can achieve even more self-confidence, inner strength, happiness, wealth and health.

And what will be your first topic? Writeย in the comments about your experiences and start a conversation!

For your motivation on this subject, I would like to recommend a special video by Connor McGregor. He is the reigning world champion in MMA:

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