It’s kind of damned, isn’t it?

Actually, you know exactly what you need to do to attract more money to achieve your goals. You know different strategies to draw attention to yourself and you apply them. You rip your ass open to make more money, but despite all your attempts, it doesn’t work.

All the strategies on the net to attract money are great. But as long as your mindset doesn’t play along, they’re useless. And this is where money magnet comes in. But what is a money magnet and how do I get it.

Anything for you? 🧐

How do you tick with money? 🤑

Before we get into the subject, let’s take a look at where you stand with regard to money. Are you in debt at the moment or have you saved some money? Are you a student or do you work? Do you get money from the state, from your parents or do you earn your own money? Do you have enough money to afford everything you want? Or are you already worried at the end of the month about how the money will last until the next wage?

We need money to have a roof over our heads, to satisfy our hunger and other basic needs of daily life. Besides, it wouldn’t be wrong if we still had money left for the little pleasures of life – be it coffee and cake in the café around the corner, Netflix or summer holidays. And if on top of all that, we could spare ourselves something to afford our own home at some point or to fulfill our childhood dream of a world trip, we wouldn’t say no either.

Of course, many things that are important in life – such as family, friends or a partnership – we cannot buy with money. Nevertheless, no one will contradict me when I say that it is nice not to have to worry about money and always have more at your disposal than you need. So how do we do that? In my opinion, one important aspect of this is the right money mindset.

Dissolving false beliefs

“Money isn’t important to me.” “Money spoils character.” “Money is not what you talk about.” “Rich people are bad people.” Do the following sentences look familiar to you? If yes, then we should work on your beliefs 😉

Imagine getting to know a woman (or a man) and talking negatively about her or him from the beginning. Do you think she or he will come to you and spend time with you? Probably not: The person will try to avoid you as much as possible. It is exactly the same as money. Spiritually, you always draw into your life what you consciously and unconsciously think and say. So if you think that money is not important to you and spoils your character, you will unconsciously always reject money, never earn much and always spend money that comes into your life immediately again. So you should review your beliefs about money, dissolve false beliefs and replace them with new ones.

But how can we manage to turn these false beliefs about money into good beliefs that help us attract money? 🤔

Think about what you'd do with a lot of money

Imagine you’d get a million euros tomorrow as a gift. What would you do with the money? Probably you would fulfill some of your own dreams – maybe that South Africa trip you’ve been wanting to do for so long. Or you would buy your dream car. But what about the money left over? Would you share it with your family? Invite all your friends on a holiday in Mallorca? Donate money? Build your own aid project? Or whatever’s on your mind.

When you read this blog, you not only have selfish dreams and goals, but you also want to contribute in some way to make our world a better place. Maybe you are an animal welfarist, care about our environment or support social projects. If you would get one million Euros, you could donate a lot of it, and still, have something left to make your selfish dreams come true. Or you might no longer have to go to work to earn a living but could use your time to support your heart projects. Think about how much joy you could give when you have a lot of money. Do you still think that being rich is bad?

Make yourself clear: money strengthens the personality

Money is solely an amplifier of our personality. If you don’t care about your family without money and are only concerned about your own well-being, you won’t suddenly start donating money and spending time with your loved ones, even with a lot of money. If, however, even if you earn little money, you regularly give a part of it away for social purposes and like to invite your friends, you will pass on a large part of it even if you earn a lot of money. So money doesn’t spoil the character, it just strengthens it.

Feel rich to get rich

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction or manifestation? It says that in the universe we get everything we “want”. To want something is not enough – we have to be convinced that we already have it. So if you want a lot of money in the future, you have to feel rich now to attract money. Only if we do not live in want, but in abundance, will we attract what we want. So you must feel today as if you have a lot of money. This includes, for example, that you already donate a part of your money: Your subconscious or the universe gets the signal that you already have so much money that you can easily give some of it to someone else – and you will attract even more money with it. I know that sounds a bit paradoxical. If you want to learn more about how to use the law of attraction for yourself, the “Manifestation Miracle” course might be something for you.

Deal with the subject of money

Do you know exactly how much money (or debt) you have? How much money do you spend monthly on food, clothes, sports, coffee,…? Honestly: Most people have no idea. So start writing down how much money you actually spend each month on what. You’ve also been studying financing, investment and investment opportunities, and reading books on money.

Energy always flows to where you direct your attention. So if you want to have or earn more money, you have to invest time and attention in the subject.

Simply attract money

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