Many people want to get rich and be one day a millionaire. Most people wish that. Like you don’t have a choice.

Whether someone is an income millionaire or has a large fortune, they all have the mindset of a millionaire in common.

Mindset can be translated as a way of thinking, the way we think about facts and events. But what is a Millionaire Mindset?

Our way of thinking and acting is in turn determined by our beliefs.

If you don’t have the right mindset, you will lose everything sooner or later when you quickly gain wealth, or you won’t achieve financial prosperity in the first place.

After all, out of desire alone, no money trees grow out of the earth.

In this article, I would now like to mention eight typical mindsets of a millionaire that you need to become financially wealthy.

So let’s just bake the right buns. 🍞

TL;DR If you focus your mindset on bringing money into a positive aspect, you will also become a millionaire.

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1.) Millionaires have a mission

There are people who have a strong inner desire to achieve something.

To do something that gives other people real added value, that really helps them.

These people are obsessed with their mission and do not allow themselves to be deterred by setbacks, their own fears, and doubts. Or by their environment’s statements that it is too difficult to handle.

While most people have a job or a career, these people literally want to “change the world.

And in a way that will help humanity move forward.

The focus is not on money.

If someone says he wants to make money or get rich without giving a benefit to others, this will not happen.

For it is not a mission either, but merely a wish of one’s own.

2.) Millionaires focus on what they really want

Personally, I know several people who mainly talk about what they don’t want.

They don’t want to show themselves, they don’t want to sell, they don’t want to spend a few euros on a book or a course, which could help them to get ahead (but lavish restaurant visits or an expensive holiday are not a problem at the same time), they don’t want the present politicians, their current boss, etc.

These people often live in the past and report how difficult their childhood or last relationship was.

Unfortunately, exploring what you don’t want means not automatically getting to a life that you yourself wanted.

Millionaires concentrate primarily on what they want. Often they even know exactly what they want. And therefore they attract what they want. This is called the law of attraction.

They talk more about the future than about the past, have a goal (see point 1: Mission) and focus their thoughts and actions on this goal.

The concrete way is often not clear, but they know where they want to go and will find ways there.

3.) Millionaires can let themselves be paid for results

In today’s world of work, most people are paid according to the time they spend on a job.

I have also heard sentences a few times such as “this must now cost at least a sum of xy because there is so much working time involved”.

But that is not the right way of thinking, because a customer only pays for the result and the perceived value.

In the end, he doesn’t care how long the production took.

That’s how millionaires think, because they don’t evaluate the time they have spent on a task, but the result.

This is a decisive difference, as it is a matter of differentiating between quantity and quality.

4.) Millionaires spend less than they earn

The media often show the supposedly rich people who throw their money around at parties and magnificent properties.

Most wealthy people stick to a strict rule: spend less than you earn.

The more money you earn is then invested in assets to generate passive income.

5.) Millionaires focus more on making money than on saving money

The fourth point just mentioned is important in order to achieve regular surpluses month after month.

Nevertheless, it is even more important for millionaires to have their eyes open for further sources of income.

Most people who are short of cash often think sentences like:

I would like to make this trip or I would also like to have this car, but I cannot afford it.

Financially wealthy people think against it:

How can I best earn money so that I can buy what I want?

It is also more advantageous from a psychological point of view to try to increase your income rather than have to limit yourself too much by saving.

If you live this way in the long run, you will strengthen your way of thinking, influence your mindset and be financially successful.

6.) Millionaires see problems as opportunities

Most people see problems as obstacles and give up a project if the obstacle seems too big.

Millionaires see every problem as a real opportunity.

They see problems not as something negative, but as something positive – an opportunity to learn something from them and do it differently and better next time.

Successful people grow by solving problems because they often have to learn new things.

Besides mankind will always need problem solvers, those are often correctly well-paid people.

Who wants to become financially wealthy, should be no Jammer, but someone, who solves problems of other humans.

7.) Millionaires don't stop learning

An often still widespread opinion is that the time of learning is over after school, training or study.

However, this is the wrong attitude if someone wants to become financially wealthy.

Millionaires always educate themselves further and constantly learn something new.


I myself had been able to make the same experiences in recent years.

When I had learned something new that I had never known before or that I had great respect for, I actually climbed to a higher level. I discovered other possibilities that I hadn’t even thought about before.

To shorten the time, you can also take a few euros for a good course or seminar.

If you don’t have much time, don’t look for all things explicitly on the net. That concerns straight also topics, for which one “burns” less in the apron.

8.) Millionaires look positively into the future and have a positive attitude towards money

Many people tend to look to the future with concern or not at all.

It fascinates me again and again when I ask someone about his goals and then there is simply nothing.

Another large group mainly deals with negative events – which are also reported in the media.

Financially successful people are basically positive when they look to the future.

They have plans and assume that these plans will work. So they are not afraid of the future but are positive and expectant.

And our subconscious also creates everything as we expect it to be. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Because the fact is:

One does not become rich through happiness or external circumstances. One becomes rich when one has the right way of thinking and above all actively puts this way of thinking into practice.

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