Routines can make you more productive and healthier, save you time and help you to prioritize and structure things in your life. Routines are (one of) the key to success!

For this reason, it is, of course, worthwhile to look over the shoulders of productive and positive bosses and find out what the morning routines for successful people are.

Let’s not beat about the bush.

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But do we need morning routines?

When we were children, probably (almost) every one of us had fixed routines. At 6:30 am we get up, at 8 am the school day begins, at 7 pm we have dinner and at 8:30 pm we go to bed. But what about adults? How does it look with you?

Somehow I spontaneously associate the term “routine” with something boring, something is worn down. Every day the same, every day a rhythm. Who wants that?

Many of us – especially in times of remote work and flexitime – wake up every morning, turn around again and slowly start the day without knowing where it will lead them. Admittedly, that sounds enviable, doesn’t it? Out of the routine – that sounds like freedom, like being wild.

Do we need routines or are we freer without fixed habits?

Often, however, things are quite different. We need routines. We need habits. They give us structure and help us achieve our goals of being more productive and less stressed. Rituals set us free when we find the right ones for ourselves.

I don’t mean to say that every day must be planned to the minute and that there must never be room for deviations. The secret lies in creating for yourself exactly the routine that suits you, that promotes your good habits, and through which you can be exactly the person you want to be. Rituals set you free when you find the right ones for yourself.

Suprise: Habits form our routines

You already have routines. Every one of us has them. And you knew that, of course, but not everyone is as slick a fellow as you! According to James Clear, an American author and weightlifter, habits determine 30-60% of our daily routine. It starts with brushing your teeth, drinking coffee and ends with watching your favorite show in the evening.

As you must admit, gritting your teeth, you don’t just have good habits. Maybe you scroll through Facebook frequently without really knowing why. Maybe you have a habit of reading emails whenever the pop-up “You have mail” appears.

And that’s what we’re trying to change now and today.

7 morning routines of successful and positive people

1. time for communication and interpersonal relationships

You can’t be a good leader if your communication skills are lacking. You need to be able to listen, empathetic, give constructive feedback and build trust. Here appreciation plays a big role, respect, and conversation at eye level.

Positive leadership is a management model that focuses on the strengths of the employee. But how do you want to find out what your colleague is good at if you don’t take the time to communicate with him?

Make it a routine, for example, to greet each employee personally in the morning. Take time for your family and friends, breathe a sigh of relief and think about what is really important – interpersonal relationships [study].

2. think positive

My motto is “get to work instead of making excuses”. Think positive, be grateful and start the morning. Think about what you’re looking forward to while you drink your coffee or water and plan your day. What could be the highlights of the day?

If you don’t feel satisfied in the situation you find yourself in, improve it! If you have the feeling that the news only pulls you down, then don’t watch it. If you think the colleague, who is constantly complaining, robs you of positive energy, then you should throw her out of the window. You know what I mean, often think about situations that pull you down and find solutions. Please don’t throw people out the window.

Don’t let the pessimists slow you down! Concentrate on your strengths instead of your weaknesses and constantly work on your self-perception and your goals. Rejoice in successes and celebrate them duly!

3. be grateful

Becoming aware of what you are grateful for on a daily basis is almost a boost for positive energy. Many successful people have made it a routine to remember something they are grateful for every evening before going to bed or at breakfast. Try it out!


4. always ask for the "why"

We spend so much time on things that we don’t even know why we (have to?) do. Reports that nobody looks at anyway, deadlines, plans that are never implemented. We ask what we should do but not why.

Meaningfulness – also a sense to see in what one does – contributes to a fulfilled life and is one of the important elements of Positive Leadership and lets you get up from bed with energy.

5. sleep well, drink plenty of water and do sports

It may seem that successful people don’t have time to sleep for eight hours, to exercise or cook healthy food, but that’s where the key lies – in prioritizing one’s own health.

Many managers have made it a routine to exercise either in the morning or during the lunch break. Sport relaxes, clears the mind and keeps the body fit. You don’t think you have time for it? If Obama finds room to train daily, then maybe you can do it too!

If you don’t do it yet – just put a big water bottle next to your bed and actually drink it, don’t just look at the bottle, drink it. Drink that bottle!

drink water

6. get up early

As I just mentioned, getting enough sleep is important. You won’t be able to deliver top performance if you can’t get out of yawning and can’t concentrate.


However, many successful people get up at 5 o’clock and use the morning intensively. Plan the day, meditate, prepare a balanced breakfast for the family and go running.

Find out how much sleep is optimal for you to be productive. In the evening, put your smartphone out of your hand and relax instead of scrolling through Facebook.

Some also live according to the “Eat the frog first” principle. The most difficult task on this day is done first, in the morning, when you still have a lot of energy and are not distracted by late risers.

7. make success plans

Many executives feel more productive when they have a plan. Once a job is finished, they know what’s next. They know what the goal is and they find it easier to prioritize and see the big picture when the sections are clear.

Do you still think that routines would restrict you in your freedom? Then start with simple, small habits. Test out! Stay flexible and see what makes you more productive and happier!

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3 Tips for Forming Better Routines

If you want to build up a new routine, then a whole portion of self-discipline is certainly also part of it. According to James Clear, it takes about two months for a behavior to become properly rooted and habitual, depending on the severity of the change in your life.

In this time you have to persevere, after that the routine runs automatically.

If you want to build up a new routine, then a whole portion of self-discipline is certainly also part of it. According to James Clear, it takes about two months for a behavior to become properly rooted and habitual, depending on the severity of the change in your life.

In this time you have to persevere, after that the routine runs automatically.

A habit (almost) always follows the so-called habit loop – trigger, routine, reward. If something went well if you achieve your goals and already then, if you set out to work on yourself, it is time to celebrate.

Positive feelings after performing a routine then lead you to be more inclined to repeat them.

The morning routine of successful people:

Some people start their day with a little sport, others sit down and meditate, others need muesli. And I don’t start a day without my coffee and my morning prayer.

No routine fits all people. Morning routines for successful people are only inspirations and not step-by-step instructions. Your ritual is an individual solution just for you.

Let yourself be inspired as you revise your morning routine and serve yourself like in a vendor’s tray:

Mark Cuban


He doesn’t waste any time – Mark Cuban goes to work right after getting up. The billionaire and owner of the basketball team Dallas Mavericks, in which Dirk Nowitzki also plays, defines success quite simply: To wake up with a smile on his face.

Barack Obama

barack obama

The job at the head of a state is tough – former US President Barack Obama only got five hours of sleep a night. Nevertheless, he did his 45-minute workout every morning. He alternated endurance and strength training. This kept him in good shape during his tenure.

Jennifer Aniston


Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston adheres to a strict morning ritual – when she works. This is: 1. drink hot water with a slice of lemon, 2. clean the face, 3. meditate, 4. breakfast, 5. sport. But if she doesn’t turn, she – like most people – sleeps until eight or nine o’clock.

Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey, the first African American to become a billionaire, meditates every morning, sometimes only 20 seconds, sometimes ten minutes. She also packs herself food from home for lunch.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

The discoverer and inventor asked himself the same valuable question every morning: “What am I supposed to do good today?
At the end of the day, he asked himself, “What good have I done today?

Tim Ferris

Morning Routines for Successful People 2

The author Tim Ferris runs among other things a popular Podcast, in which he interviews successful humans. Some of his morning rituals can easily be copied: 1. making the bed, 2. meditating for 20 minutes, 3. drinking black tea from China, 4. recording the feelings and daily goals in a diary.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

The British entrepreneur Richard Branson uses the early hours to relax – he then spends time with his family and trains. But he also gets up at five in the morning.

Warren Buffett

Morning Routines for Successful People 3

Common knowledge: The second richest person in the world, Warren Buffett, reads all day long – up to 80 percent of his time. He starts in the morning, and would probably not be able to cope with his 500-page daily workload otherwise.

What is your morning routine at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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A 7-Day Morning Ritual Training Program that will help you create, implement and make the habit of an empowering morning ritual in your life.

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