Who already uses the law of attraction?

Steve Harvey - $160 million net worth

Steve Harvey talks about how he uses the law of attraction in his life, shares his view on the book ‘The Secret’ and reveals concepts that helped him to manifest his own dreams!

Kanye West - $160 million net worth

Before anybody else was rooting for him, he had to root for himself and focus on what he wanted to become instead of what he was at the time.

Jay Z - $900 million net worth

In his book, Decoded, Jay Z said that even before he learned about the Law of Attraction he was aware of the power of his thoughts, staying focused and weeding out thoughts that sabotage.

& Many more...

Rick Ross, LMFAO, Big Sean, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Oprah…

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”



Manifestation Miracle 1

start living the life you were destined to live

Manifestation Miracle is a formula designed to elicit immediate real-life results… In the life of anyone who uses it.

It is a step-by-step blueprint that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to unlock the powers of Destiny Tuning, and make manifesting work for you more powerfully than you ever imagined it could!

Over the last year, Manifestation Miracle has been developed into the unique, never-seen-before Law of Attraction program it is today…

Stuffed full of simple, practical instructions and ‘cheat-sheet techniques’, Manifestation Miracle is GUARANTEED to raise the pitch of your energetic vibrations for you… No matter what your life looks like right now.

Don’t waste another ounce of precious energy ‘struggling’ and ‘trying so hard’ to make manifesting work for you…

In this program, Heather will teach you everything she knows about using Destiny Tuning to raise your abundance levels automatically and force the Universe to give you everything you’ve ever wished for… without the hard work!

Leave all the time-wasting tricks and hocus pocus behind, and instead spark an explosion of abundance in your life… by using a formula based on solid science.

Here are some of the recent feedbacks from ecstatic clients around the globe:


People In 87 Countries Are Getting Results With Manifestation Miracle!

Here’s What manifestation miracle Will Do For You

Make manifesting work for you more easily and accurately than you ever could have imagined… So that you can attract everything you’ve always wanted into your life!

Teach you how to break free from the chains of negative thought patterns FOREVER… In just 3 weeks (No more self-doubts & limiting beliefs holding you back!)

Show you how to use the powerful psychological technique of ‘Destiny Tuning’ to raise your abundance levels automatically (So you never have to struggle to manifest again)

Discover how to stop living someone else’s life and start living the life you were destined to live (hint: you haven’t even come close to achieving your true potential!)

Teach you how to gain financial freedom… So those debts are a thing of the past and abundance is a thing of the right now and forever more (your bank account will never have looked so healthy)!

Make anyone who’s ever doubted you astonished at the miraculous changes taking place in your life… (They will wish they could BE you!)

Guide you to start making money doing the things you LOVE (Work will never feel like ‘work’ again!)

Literally re-program your mind simply by listening to my specifically-designed audio tracks and kick any nasty habits to the curb FOREVER (So that you can become your healthiest, most vibrant self)

Show you how to find true joy, energy and happiness in your life (You won’t be able to wipe that grin off your face!)

Help you to reclaim the lost art of relaxing and enjoying life (You will be AMAZED at how good you feel once all of the tension has drained out of your body!)

Demonstrate how to become supremely self-confident (and gain the respect of every person you meet)

Guide you in your love and relationships so that you can experience the type of love you’ve always dreamed of (your soulmate will fall more in love with you every day)

Show you how to attract positive people into your life that will only increase your happiness and success (never be burdened by energy vampires again!)

Teach you how to CONNECT with the powerful presence of the Universe (And direct this energy in any way you want)

Here’s What You Will Receive

Manifestation Miracle Manual

The Manifestation Miracle Manual is a step-by-step blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to do to supercharge your powers of manifestation… So that you can start attracting endless abundance and success, effortlessly.

This manual has been specially designed to elicit immediate results in your life… starting today!

Included in this manual:


Over 20 chapters stuffed full of simple, practical instructions showing you exactly how to use Destiny Tuning to raise the pitch of your energetic vibrations automatically

Eye-opening ‘Cheat-sheet techniques’ that will give the Universe no other choice but to give you all the money and success you deserve (Without even having to work for it!)

Powerful, in-depth explanations into exactly how manifesting works… Paired with stunningly effective practical techniques that will help you trigger the results you want!

Cutting-edge psychological tools based on solid scientific evidence (leave all of the ‘hocus-pocus’ behind and start getting results!)

"I'm Worthy of abundance" Success Workbook

Designed to be accomplished before you begin the Manifestation Miracle Manual itself, this amazingly effective three-week success workbook is all you need to kick-start your journey onto the path of your destiny.

Every one of these 21 days is completely mapped out for you, so that you won’t ever be left feeling lost or overwhelmed along your journey.

You are worthy of abundance… And this workbook will help you to start taking the steps TODAY that will change your life FOREVER.

Included in this workbook:


Powerful ‘done for you’ practical instructions that will put Destiny Tuning to work for you immediately

Short, fun and inspirational daily exercises that will integrate the incredible force of transformation and abundance into your life (In less than 20 minutes per day!)

Simple, practical steps to help you to create powerful, mind-changing new habits that will get you to where you want to be (Chuck out old, limiting beliefs that are only holding you back!)

Manifestation Miracle Audio Edition

Just-released: The complete audio mp3 version of the Manifestation Miracle Manual. This audio edition is great for those of you that are stronger auditory learners or like to be able to listen to your manual on the go.

Included in this audiobook:


Over 20 audio chapters full of simple, practical instructions and information designed to raise the pitch of your energetic vibrations for you (It’s all-too-easy!)

All of the manifestation knowledge and cutting-edge tools you need to get Destiny Tuning to work for you immediately (Just plug in your headphones!)

Mp3 audio files that you can listen to in your car on the drive home, through your iPod when you are out walking, or at night when you are in bed (Convenience is key!)

Fill in all of that useless traveling time in your day with something meaningful and life-changing (No more wasted minutes!)

Manifestation Miracle Chapter Recap Videos

In becoming a member of Manifestation Miracle, you will gain exclusive access to individual chapter recap video clips featuring system co-founder Mark Ling and Manifestation Miracle team member Brooke Ryan.

These short but amazingly helpful clips are designed to complement each chapter of the Manifestation Miracle Manual.

Included in these videos:


In-depth discussions about what you’ve learned in each chapter with Manifestation Miracle team members Mark and Brooke (like they’re right there with you, helping you along your journey)

Extra background information and insights that will enhance your understanding (plus some amazing real-life stories!)

Exclusive bonus examples and exercises to boost your manifesting power (plus extra tips from the experts that will help you along your journey to greatness!)

All in all, Manifestation Miracle, complete with the Manual, Workbook, 20+ Chapter Recap Videos and Audio Edition… PLUS the incredible ‘Destiny Tuning’ technique… Is a system that simply can’t fail when it comes to bringing you manifestation success.

This truly is your key to unlocking a life full of abundance!

Abundant Wealth Super Mindtrack

(Retail value of $67.00!)

An incredible mp3 binaural beat affirmation track that quickly reprograms your mind for wealth and success, so that you can supercharge your ability to manifest wealth in your life FAST.

People will be SHOCKED at the massive transformation in your life!


You barely need to lift a finger – all you have to do is listen to this track for just 5 minutes per day (And your vibrations will have no choice but to respond!)

With this incredible audio track re-programming your mind for abundance, genuine financial freedom will come to you so easily, you won’t be able to stop checking your bank account to make sure it’s not a dream!

With no debts and a whole lot of wealth-attracting tricks up your sleeve, you can finally live the life you want, on your OWN terms (Vacation, anyone?)

A tool that is so simple, but so shockingly powerful that you’ll be slapping your own forehead you didn’t get your hands on this sooner. You’ll be swearing up and down that you never realized financial success could be this easy!

Here’s What The Experts Have To Say About Manifestation Miracle

Paul Hoffman The Success Creation Institute
Paul Hoffman The Success Creation Institute

Manifestation Miracle is one of those once in a lifetime systems that will absolutely change your life.

The information in this book is transforming, inspiring, powerful and uplifting. Every page in this book takes you on a journey of awakening to the truth of who you truly are. Heather has created a map of possibility for your life. This is one journey you don't want to miss.

Nadine Piat-Niski Author - 'Healthy You, Healthy Love'
Nadine Piat-Niski Author - 'Healthy You, Healthy Love'

Manifestation Miracle is the kind of book I've been waiting for.

This book will open your eyes, heart, and soul to creating miracles in your life and in a way that is tangible and real and she provides some great exercises to support you on your way to manifesting your dreams. Heather Mathews provides you with the tools you need to start living the life you know is for you.

No Matter How Hard Things Are For You Right Now, This System Will Make All Of Your Dreams Possible!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now, or how bad things may be for you… You can STILL manifest what you want in life!

You may be up to your neck in debt, have a failing business, or be unable to find love… Whatever your situation, Manifestation Miracle with its secret Destiny Tuning technique will change it all!

Literally, everyone that has applied this secret in their lives has had such amazing results, and now it’s your turn to see your dreams manifest into your life!

Manifestation Miracle 4

Picture this: In just two short months from now, you have financial freedom… you have the health and energy to ENJOY each day… And you’re experiencing success and transformation in EVERY aspect of your life, like never before.

You wake up every morning feeling stress-free…

All the debt you once had is gone… And now you’re able to spend your abundant supply of cash on the things you actually WANT. So instead of wasting money on debt, bills, and ‘emergency savings’, you are free to buy and do everything you please… because there is finally enough for everything.

You have great friends and an amazing, passionate, loving relationship with your true soulmate

You’re seeing the years fall away from your face and body, and you feel truly blissfully happy every single day (trust me… there’s nothing like abundance to erase those worry-wrinkles!)

Can you IMAGINE living life like this? Because this CAN become a reality for you!

I know what you may be thinking because I found it difficult to accept at first as well… Why should this new technique work for me when no other Law of Attraction guides have before?

Even though this shockingly simple solution may sound unbelievable right now, I INSIST that Manifestation Miracle will work for you as no other has before… And that is all because of Destiny Tuning.

No other Law of Attraction experts out there has actually grasped this secret technique… And that is why all of the Law of Attraction books I had read before I discovered Destiny Tuning NEVER worked.

Just like a key would be nothing without a door, any Law of Attraction Manual without Destiny Tuning is useless.

My life transformation and the hundreds of success stories from my clients speak the simple, astounding truth: Destiny Tuning is finally the secret key that will make everything you’ve been told about the Law of Attraction finally WORK.

You are just ONE STEP AWAY from accessing all of the Universe’s abundance!

What Would It Be Worth To You To Be Able To Make Every One Of Your Dreams Come True?

Seeing that your life has changed tenfold, what would this amazing change be worth to you? What would you pay for such a life investment?

Well, let’s be real here… If you were to set up appointments with a life coach or advisor, you would expect to be paying up to $300 PER HOUR

Add it up, and that could cost you…$900…..$1200………$1500or More

And I’m going, to be honest with you here… Not only would your bank account literally be robbed

You wouldn’t learn even half of the information and techniques I have put into Manifestation Miracle.

It would take appointment after appointment and you STILL may not be seeing any results in your life… Whereas when you receive Manifestation Miracle, you can begin right away and will start seeing results almost immediately!

And today, the Manifestation Miracle Secret System, complete with the Manual, Workbook, 20+ Chapter Recap Videos and Audio Edition of the book, is going to cost you less than even HALF of one of these overpriced appointments…

Because even though Manifestation Miracle is professionally priced at $299.95 (and I was told that even that was a bargain!), today, exclusively for new Manifestation Miracle clients, I have fought my marketing guy tooth-and-nail to slash the price down to not even half of the $299.95 this system is worth…

…In fact, not even a quarter of that!

So for a limited time, and only because I want to make this program as affordable as possible for everyone that needs it, I have brought the price down to much lower than recommended…

Today, you will not be paying $299.95 for Manifestation Miracle…

By taking advantage of this ridiculously low offer right now, you will get the full Manifestation Miracle Secret System for just ONE simple payment, of…

Just $47!
Manifestation Miracle 5

Secure and protected checkout

Just seconds after you complete your order, you’ll get access to the training modules. You can dive right in and start implementing these proven techniques to easily draw wealth and success in your life!


Simply test the program for 60 days and if you are not happy for any reason, simply send an email to [email protected] and you’ll get an instant refund. So you can join RISK-FREE.


The Love and Happiness Super MindTrack

(Dollar value of $77.00!)

This amazingly transformational mp3 track is guaranteed to help you to draw more love and happiness into your life… without any hard work!

Manifestation Miracle 6

The Powerhouse Guide for Health, Vitality, And Disease Reversal

(Dollar value of $19.95)

A powerful, step-by-step guide to creating the healthiest you… Simply by harnessing the healing power of your mind!

Manifestation Miracle 7

How To Reboot Your Metabolism

(Retails at $17.95)

This powerful guide will teach you exactly how to re-boot your metabolism… So that you can drop that weight you’ve always wanted to lose.

Manifestation Miracle 8

Unlimited Success Mindtrack Series - $119.70

These unique mp3 mindtracks contain powerful affirmations and binaural beat technology, which charges your manifesting ability up to hyper-speed.

In just 21 days, you can reprogram your mind for success in any area of your life (no matter how much you may be struggling right now!)

Manifestation Miracle 9

The Money Mindflood System - $89.95

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a 7, 8, or even 9-FIGURE bank account balance???

In this exclusive presentation, Manifestation Miracle co-founder and self-made millionaire Mark Ling shares his juicy secrets about how to attain a millionaire mindset… Because in order to get that big fat bank account, you need to start thinking BIG!

Manifestation Miracle 10
That‘s a saving of over $577… or over 90% off!!!
Just $47!
Manifestation Miracle 11

Secure and protected checkout

Just seconds after you complete your order, you’ll get access to the training modules. You can dive right in and start implementing these proven techniques to easily draw wealth and success in your life!


Simply test the program for 60 days and if you are not happy for any reason, simply send an email to [email protected] and you’ll get an instant refund. So you can join RISK-FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives more of what we focus our attention on. The more good we put out into the universe, the more that comes back to us in multitude. The more negative thoughts that go on in our minds, the more of those situations that seem to occur.

The outer world is a direct reflection of the inner world (and not the other way around), and so we are creating our reality every day, every moment, consciously or unconsciously by the thoughts that are going on in our minds.

The Law of Attraction rewards us for actively choosing the thoughts that go on in our minds, rather than letting them run on autopilot. It awakens us to thought blockages that occur without our permission, ones that were put there by well-meaning parents, teachers and others who caused us to put limits on what we believe about abilities and potential.

We use the Law of Attraction combined with our unique Destiny Tuning approach to consciously and intentionally manifest more wealth, love, happiness and success into our lives, and can’t wait to share this process with you too.

The Manifestation Miracle process works regardless of whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction because a lot of our success principles are backed up by scientifically proven research.

The Destiny Tuning Principle, for instance, will help you to discover your true purpose so that you can live your best and most fulfilling life. Even without understanding it from a law of attraction viewpoint, there are a lot of benefits from developing a sense of meaning…

…For example, a UCL-led study of 9,050 people with an average age of 65 found that people with a sense of meaning and purpose tend to live longer than those who don’t. Researchers concluded that this increases mental health and physical health in several ways.

With Manifestation Miracle, we take you through a process of developing and enhancing a ‘growth-oriented’ mindset, we also help with cultivating an optimistic viewpoint and give you concrete strategies towards achieving the success in the area of your life that you want to improve.

There is so much greatness in you, so many exciting things that can be manifested and exciting life ahead. Whether it’s the Law of Attraction, or whether you’ve just become the kind of person who naturally creates more positive opportunities, loves their life as it is right now, inspires others, and lives every day on a fresh new start… This is a highly beneficial personal development program regardless of your preconceived views.

Some people are concerned that they worry too much, and that the Law of Attraction is going to bring more negative situations in their lives because of it.

It’s not quite like that, the universe knows that if you’re worried about burglars, that you don’t want to get robbed. You’re not going to suddenly get robbed because you are worried about it.

However, spending too much time worrying is a very ineffective strategy for life. It makes your mind think that you are not in any sort of control over your life. And it means you’re not spending much time manifesting what you want into your life.

A lot of those worrying thoughts are tapes that keep playing over and over in your head, tapes that you’ve played before and once you’ve played it once or twice, it doesn’t need to be played again and again every day (that’s just self-torture).

Here’s what my colleague Mark Ling has to say about worrying…

“Worrying is a waste of time.

“Positive and negative things will happen in life.

“But you must keep living your life and release the need to stress over what you can’t control.

“It’s really important to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because most great things in life are just outside your comfort zone.

“It’s not comfortable starting a new business and doing things you haven’t done before.

“It’s not comfortable going to a new country to practice a foreign language.

“It’s not comfortable hitting 10,000 golf puts in order to master the art of long putting.

“And it’s certainly not comfortable when disaster strikes and you are faced with an enormous challenge.

“The great thing about challenges though is that they are an opportunity for learning.

“The great thing about mistakes is that they take you one step closer to mastery.

“A child does not ride a bike by reading a book and then riding perfectly the first time.

“We do not learn by being perfect, we learn by doing, and then adjusting and trying again, and again, till we get things right.

“The key when you are worried is to let go of what you cannot control… And for what you can influence, keep calm, and write a plan. Then start working that plan. Write something exciting, one that really lights your fire and gets you dreaming about that day when you are where you want to be.

“Remember, you are the hero of your own story here in life and sometimes heroes face challenges on the road to enlightenment.”

With the Manifestation Miracle program, we help you to cultivate more thoughts towards manifesting your dreams, and greatly reducing the frequency and impact of worrying thoughts and success blockages from your life.

Some people see start seeing results within a few short days, others take longer depending on their individual needs and what they are trying to manifest. Those who tend to get quicker results tend to be members who cultivate a mindset of gratitude and take action on what they learn and towards opportunities that may arise. Many members have reported that they have seen significant positive results in their lives within a month or two of joining.

Manifestation Miracle accepts returns of the Physical Package within 60 days of placing your order. All returns need to be sent to Manifestation Miracle c/o Vervante Returns, 400 North Geneva Road, STE C, Lindon, UT 84042, USA.

If you have ordered the Digital Package then you are backed by our 60-day refund policy. Refund requests go via email at: [email protected]