In many relevant media, it is suggested to us that with the law of attraction everyone can, quite simply, create the desired reality.With it, one can draw happiness, success, abundance or even related souls into one's life. So whats the Law of Attraction Definition? Find out!👋

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TL;DR Law of Attraction Definition: If you believe, you achieve.

How can one manifest according to the law of attraction?

All matter consists of subatomic particles and vibration.

When we manifest, i.e. attract things into our lives, then we connect consciously or unconsciously with the zero point field, the energy field of all possibilities. Here all our potentials are present. It is very important to know the laws according to which the reality in our life adjusts itself.

It seems that everything we think, what we deal with and where we direct our attention cannot be ignored on the soul level. And everything comes back to us as an experience at some point due to the law of attraction.

The resonance

An attraction, however, can only occur through resonance. The law of attraction is therefore also called the resonance law. Two parts belonging together, which in our reality are perceived as separate from each other, want to come together again.

They strive to merge again to unity. Our inner, true self strives for ever greater harmony. However, we usually unconsciously manifest external circumstances that reflect the state of our inner consciousness.

Therefore, in our lives, we can only create what we are within. And we create with every thought, to a greater extent with our feelings and of course with every action we take.

With our resonance field, we attract exactly what is in us.

For example, if we harbor lack or victim consciousness in ourselves, then we also attract a corresponding soul aspect to ourselves. This can make us aware of patterns and blockages so that we have the opportunity to dissolve them.

When you lovingly deal with yourself, you can also attract a soul aspect in the form of a partner with whom you can have a harmonious relationship.

The circumstances of our lives are our own creation

So what can you call “Law of Attraction Definition”? Only when we realize that everything is ultimately created by our own divine self can we successfully apply the law of attraction. Most events and circumstances in our lives, whether pleasant or unpleasant, are part of our creations.

Every person we meet also holds a mirror of our inner state in front of us. Only when we are fully aware of this, do we have the possibility to take the lead over our living reality. Only then can we be conscious creators. That is then true mastery.

Polarity and duality

The purpose of this illusionary reality is to be able to make experiences. This also includes being able to feel love and joy in our earthly existence. You can also express it that way: The divine being wants to experience itself. For this it needs polarity.

In our world, we always recognize two aspects. To describe two aspects we know the words polarity and duality.

The polarity shows itself in always equal opposites. These embody the harmony, the natural balance of the order of creation. We know the two poles of a sphere, north and south pole of our earth, above and below, the plus and minus pole in electricity.

Also day and night, Yin and Yang, space and time, male and female are examples of such poles.

Duality, however, stands for disturbed harmony. Here we have two unequal opposites that exclude each other. The harmonic balance created in creation is broken and the opposite of this harmony is created. The result is a separation or division, a break of wholeness.

Examples of dual opposites are the terms good and evil, love and hate or friend and foe.

Good and evil are not mutually dependent. Good is in harmony with the order of creation. It is not the opposite of evil, because it does not need evil to exist. Good is the connection with our divine source while evil denies the divine order.

Likewise, light does not need darkness to be light. Darkness arises when one turns away from light. When darkness is illuminated by light, it simply disappears. This can be easily demonstrated by opening the window in a dark room during the day.

Back to Paradise

As soon as our consciousness has gained enough knowledge, it can also awaken again to the full divine being. In this way, we can return to paradise enlightened.

The biblical “tree of knowledge” drives us out of paradise, but only until all necessary experiences have been made. Ultimately, we all follow both the earth’s plan of creation and our own personal one.

The decision

The first step is to make a clear, unambiguous decision about what you want to bring into your life. In this way, the law of attraction can be correctly applied. A vague statement is not effective.

The Visualization

In the second step, the clear visualization, i.e. the internal image design, of the desired must take place. It is important to start with your own ideas in our inner world. If one begins to visualize, one also needs the corresponding emotional oscillation frequency for it.

The emotional world must be in harmony with what one wants to manifest. So I have to feel exactly as if my wish is already a reality.

This is an enormous difficulty. Imagine, for example, that a person wants to manifest wealth in his life. That is what he wants because he is a very poor person and urgently needs money.

But now the challenge for him is to feel as if he is rich. This is certainly not an easy task and already requires an expanded consciousness.

The transfer into the quantum fields

As the last step one has to give one’s whole strength according to these instructions to activate the organ in the body which has a clear transmitter function, i.e. a transfer function. From there, the desired is to be sent to the quantum fields. And according to the quantum laws then the realization must take place.

Nothing goes without consciousness

Of course, all this can only be successful if our consciousness has a corresponding orientation. If one proceeds with the law of attraction in this way, one must also consider what the respective person is capable of imagining at all.

Love more than you

If we have no love for ourselves, no appreciation for ourselves, then we cannot expect so much good to happen to us in life. True sovereignty, self-confidence, and self-confidence are attributes that can reflect our self-love.

A lack of self-love is ultimately also a sign of a lack of connection with our divine source.

To manifest a desire always means to materialize it and to perceive the materialized desire in our reality. Perhaps it shows itself to us in a form that we did not expect?

The law of the beginning

Already at the beginning of a project, one can foresee the further course of events with sufficient consciousness. In the beginning, the further development of a process is always indicated.

If we keep our focus on the beginning, we can decide whether it is worth spending energy, strength and time on something.


Without gratitude, it is not possible to successfully apply the law of attraction.

Why Gratitude? Would it not only be appropriate in the case of the fulfillment of our desire? Yes, if our wishes were fulfilled, we would, of course, be full of gratitude, joy, and happiness!

But on the level of the zero point field, the stage of our life, there is no time. Therefore, gratitude is more the cause of a pleasant experience than its result. Gratitude is a feeling that resonates very strongly with the realm of our heart.

And it is here that we can gain access to our inner, true, divine self.


It is not so easy to consciously generate the right thoughts in one’s mind, but practice makes perfect and soon certain automatism sets in.

The law of attraction works, always and everywhere, whether we believe in it or not.

It doesn’t matter which area of life is involved, for example, love, financial affairs or abundance, the desire to have children, the task of life, health, family, etc.

Especially the two great areas like love as well as wealth and abundance have a lot to do with one’s own thoughts & mindset.

We can continue to play the victim or take our life into our own hands. The conscious application of the law of attraction also helps.

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