Lifelong learning makes you happy. Why don't more people use this "medicine of happiness"? And why is learning easier for some people than for others? Their secret lies not in their talent, but in their inner attitude. Let*s start and learn something, am I right? πŸ€“

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TL;DR How you can Learn anything? Develop a Growth Mindset and believe that you can achieve anything.

When was the last time you learned something new?

Of course, we learn unconsciously every day – with every new experience we make. But hand on heart – when was the last time you consciously learned something new? Are you involved in a course in the seminar room or online? When was the last time you read a book or rehearsed a piece of music? Learned a new practical skill? Get involved with foreign cultures?

For many people, the answer is very slim. While children are constantly learning through play, many adults have long since lost the desire to learn. Why this is the case probably has something to do with our educational system. But also with your self-management.

What do adults get out of learning long after graduation? Learning is usually associated with school, vocational training or studies. And these phases are perhaps also a perceptible eternity ago.

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Lifelong learning makes you happy

Learning costs energy. Why should we still do it all our lives?

An answer will probably come to you immediately: Many people learn more or less voluntarily to keep up with the rapid changes in the world of work.

More importantly, I find another motive that makes sense at any age:

Learning makes you happy.

How can that be? Perhaps you remember rather boring times in the dark?

Prof. Manfred Spitzer is Professor of Psychiatry in Ulm. He explains why learning makes people happy. [source]

News that are interesting and good for us activate the center of happiness (nucleus accumbens) deep in the brain. This is where the neurotransmitter dopamine is released. By the way, this works in exactly the same way with a successful experience or sex. We feel good – and want more of it.

The BeLL study (“Benefits of Lifelong Learning”) in 10 European countries comes to similar results:

“Almost all learners noticed positive effects in their immediate environment, family, workplace and other social networks. Learning, according to more than 80 percent of respondents in the study, improves general wellbeing and increases satisfaction”.

What I particularly like about learning is that it expands my possibilities. I conquer new thoughts, competencies, and possibilities for action. This helps me to find even more meaning in life. I confess – I am a “learning junkie”. And you should be one too.

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3 issues and how to defuse them

Maybe now you’ve got the desire to learn again. Didn’t you want to polish up your German for a long time? Want to try out a new programming language or painting technique? Or Tai-Chi? Learn how to build a kite? Learn how your Syrian neighbor “ticks”?

Now three objections come into play that you may know.

  1. I have no time
  2. I don’t have enough money
  3. There is no suitable offer nearby

Whoever now believes one of these objections postpones his timid desire to learn until later. And at some point …. life is over.

No time? – How long did you spend yesterday in front of the television? Or surfed the Internet? What if you reserved 10 minutes for learning every day from now on? That is surely in it, isn’t it?

No money? –Β Is there an adult education center near you?

No suitable offer nearby? – How about an online course? Have a look at Udemy. You can also find exciting topics on the learning platforms edX or Coursera.

So – if you’re not yet an enthusiastic learner, take the first step today to make yourself a little happier.

  • Search for a suitable course and register now.
  • Or dig up your German book and read the first page out loud.
  • Or call your girlfriend and make an appointment to build a kite…

I’m sure you can think of what YOU can DO. And then just do it. NOW. Start it. In a magical way, you will suddenly find time for something new in your everyday life.

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How important is talent?

Many people only like to learn things that they are already good at. They avoid other topics.

But maybe you want to conquer an area like my friend Thomas, which is new for you. Thomas is passionate about photography. He dreams of editing the photos on the computer and putting together picture galleries. He could learn how to do that in books, a course, or Internet resources. So far he has postponed this over and over again. A stubborn belief slows him down:

“I can’t do this because I have no talent for it.”

And what if that were a fatal error of thought?

What determines your learning success?

The American psychologist Carol Dweck has investigated what distinguishes successful and less successful learners from each other. The result is amazing – neither talent nor special learning methods determine your learning success. The decisive factor is your mindset – your inner attitude to your own talents and intelligence.

Do you want to learn more about it? In this article, you will learn more about the Growth Mindset.

Choose a growth mindset

People with a fixed mindset are convinced that their intelligence and talents are basically unchangeable. That’s why they prefer learning topics that confirm their existing abilities. They avoid new areas where success is uncertain.

People with a growth mindset, on the other hand, believe that they can develop their intelligence and abilities if they make sufficient efforts. That’s why they stay on the ball when they make mistakes. This is how they learn successfully and with pleasure.
If you want, you can change your attitude. How do you want to think in the future when something new appeals to you?


I can’t do that because I don’t have the talent for it.

I can’t do that yet, but I’m gonna learn.


Now I’m excited to see if you already have a growth mindset? Which of your learning projects has it already helped you with? Let me know in the Comments! πŸ˜‡

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