How to Lose Weight With The Right Mindset

How to Lose Weight With The Right Mindset

By Hoffi β€’ Updated on July 10, 2019

You have already tried countless diets, but so far you have always failed? Do you always give up after a few days and fall into old patterns because you lack motivation?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone with that, many people do. Losing weight doesn’t just consist of sport and nutrition.

tl;dr The right mindset or the right setting is the key to weight reduction.

In this article, you will learn how to find the right mindset and the motivation to lose weight. You will see, with our tips you will finally follow your diet and reach your desired weight.

How the Mindset influences your motivation when losing weight

The mindset, the way of thinking or your personal attitude actually describes everything that happens in your head.

Your mindset will be shaped by all the experiences you have had so far. These are always in your subconscious and can influence your actions.

If you have had bad experiences with losing weight, have perhaps failed a few times or have been teased because of your figure, this influences your mindset in a negative sense.

If your minimum is rather rigid and negative, it will be really difficult to reach your goal. “I’m not going to make it anyway” is a typical negative mindset that will make your motivation drop in advance.

Imagine a marathon runner. During the whole run, he motivates himself. He thinks about his strengths, his goal and why he doesn’t just stop and give up now but runs the race to the end.

And now imagine the same marathon runner who lets his thoughts run free: My hip hurts… my stomach cramps… actually I don’t feel like it anymore…

Which of the two runners will reach the finish line?

But the good news is:

You can influence your mindset at any time and steer your beliefs and thoughts in a positive direction. This will make you much more successful, not only in losing weight but in all areas of life. The power of positive thoughts is not a myth.

The following tips will help you to achieve a more positive mindset and will certainly influence your success in losing weight into the positive. Just try them out, what have you got to lose? πŸ€·β€β™€

How to Lose Weight With The Best Mindset Tips (14 Tips)

How To Lose Weight With The Best Mindset Tips (14 Tips)

#1 | Increase your motivation to lose weight by setting goals

In order to work on your mindset to lose weight, you must set yourself concrete goals. Without something to work towards, it will be difficult to set a real focus and find motivation.

However, it is important not to set your goals too high and not to tackle everything at once. This overtaxes you, makes you stress and certainly does not contribute to positive thoughts.

#2 | Set yourself small goals

So always set small goals you want to work on. Does it bother you, for example, that you don’t do enough exercise? Then why don’t you try moving moderately at least three times a week?

That doesn’t have to be a sweaty sport to start with. Just go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air, the exercise, the rest and the time for you.

You’ll see, soon it becomes a habit and you want to move all the more. So the desire for sport comes all by itself.

A healthy diet can also be introduced by this principle. For example, make sure you eat at least one portion of vegetables with each main meal. This means that you can tackle the change in diet step by step and it will be easier for you.

If you tackle something, you can make it a habit and gradually add more components. Other habits that may not be so good will be replaced.

#3 | Split your goals

If you want to lose a specific number of kilos, we will take a house number of 20 kilos, which sounds like a pretty large amount for the beginning. This number could demotivate you in the first moment because the target seems far away.

However, if you split your weight loss goal into realistic, smaller stages, it looks much more manageable. For example, you can split your weight loss into five steps. So the five kilograms you lose per stage are a great success. This success will then spur you on for further weight loss.

#4 | Write your goals down

Another important step is to write down your goals. So you make a kind of contract with yourself.

So you can really pursue your goals concretely because exactly what you want to achieve is fixed.

Simply stick a piece of paper with your goal on your refrigerator. Or create a background for your smartphone that you see several times a day. Because everybody knows that you often look atΒ your phone. πŸ˜‰

#5 | Visualize your goals for more motivation

Writing down and dividing the goals is not enough. It is important that you have a good idea of what it will be like when you have reached your goal.

In terms of losing weight, it makes sense to think yourself into different situations where you are already slim. How do you look, how do you feel? How do you feel when you buy clothes, on the beach, in sports?

If you really think yourself into the situation, it can give you a lot of motivation to reach your goal.

Don’t just visualize your goals when you set them. You should also take the time in between to play through these thoughts.

This helps you to stay on the ball and not to lose your motivation, especially in weak moments.

#6 | Believe in your success and get new motivation every day

To achieve your goals, you must believe in yourself. That may sound logical, but sometimes it’s not so easy to achieve.

Don’t worry about why you can’t reach your goal. Think better about the reasons why you will succeed.

This will steer your thoughts in a positive direction and your faith in yourself will grow.

Make yourself clear again and again that you will reach your goal with the right goal in small steps. No matter how long it takes.

If you tell yourself often enough that you will make it, you really believe in it at some point and can proceed all the more motivated.

#7 | Find a substitute for bad habits

The problem of bad habits can also be traced back to your mindset. Over time, most bad habits, such as eating out of boredom, creep in. Of course, this can cause you problems when losing weight.

Bad habits don’t go away overnight. So don’t be under any illusions that you can eliminate things like emotional food from one day to the next.

With the knowledge that there must be long-term solutions, there is no pressure to change everything immediately. As already described above, small changes also gradually lead to the goal. If you want to read on how to change a bad habit you can check this post out.

#8 | Strategies for mastering

Be aware of your bad habits and work on targeted solutions. Make sure you write down the problems with the possible solutions.

If you then feel the urge to eat again, take out your leaf and try one of the written solutions.

For boredom food, for example, you can consider other activities that are good for you. This could be a bath, reading, phone calls or meetings with friends and much more.

You’ll quickly notice what’s really distracting you and can apply this strategy whenever it’s needed.

Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll notice that the urge to eat, even though you’re not hungry at all, is wearing off.

#9 | Focus on solutions, not problems

A further step towards a positive mindset is in any case to focus on solutions instead of problems.

Maybe you know it from yourself, often you concentrate only on what problems there are or could be.

But this is exactly the wrong approach. This approach is far too negative and indirectly prevents you from achieving your goals. You use the problems as excuses.

Example of problem-focused thinking:

After work, I’m too tired to do sports, so I can’t do any during the week and so I don’t lose weight properly.

If you convince yourself that you can’t do sports because of this and that you don’t lose weight, so it will be. You should refrain from thinking and acting in this way. For each problem, there is a solution and exactly these you should think of with priority.

Example of solution-focused thinking:

I’m really tired after work and don’t want to do sports anymore. But I get up earlier and go to the gym before work. So I can do sports during the week and continue to lose weight well.

In this example, you face the problem, but don’t let it lead you astray, instead, you look for specific solutions. Try to formulate your solutions clearly even in such cases, so that you really implement them. With a positive approach to problems, you will be able to solve them better and reach your goals easier and faster.

#10 | Motivation through self-love

This point is, concerning your motivation, probably one of the most important points.

You must be worth something to yourself and always treat yourself well. This applies not only to the physical level, but above all to the psychological level.

#11 | Forgive yourself your mistakes

Of course, it can happen again and again that you get annoyed about yourself, because for example you haven’t reached your goals. That is completely normal. But it is important that you learn to forgive yourself. Tell yourself that this or that didn’t work now, but that’s okay. You can always try again and still achieve your goals.

#12 | Don't speak badly of yourself

Stop talking bad about yourself and thinking bad.

Just because you haven’t done certain things the way you want them to, doesn’t mean you’re doing everything wrong and can’t do anything. Get rid of the habit of saying such things about yourself.

Everything you think and say about yourself, you also believe. So don’t allow such thoughts any more, but reformulate them.

For example, don’t say: I’m really too lazy to lose weight, I won’t make it anyway!

Better formulate such thoughts like this: At the moment I am very comfortable. If I want to lose weight, I have to do more for it, but I also reach my goal.

So you give yourself the feeling that you can do it and at the same time you don’t make yourself bad.

It’s best to talk to yourself as you would to a good friend. Would you tell them to their faces that they are fat and ugly? Probably not. Then why would you say it to yourself?

#13 | Be careful with yourself

Take good care of yourself and listen to your body.

If you are very tired or maybe even sickly, you don’t have to go to sports, even if you may not reach your goals so quickly. This would only harm yourself.

Treat yourself to something if you really feel like it. A small exception from time to time doesn’t harm your weight loss, but it can be a soul flatterer that lets you hold on better and longer.

#14 | Be patient and maintain your motivation

As mentioned above, changing your habits takes time. You should be aware of this time and time again.

Don’t be desperate if you fall back into old patterns again. Stay positive and just keep going. You will see, it will occur more and more rarely.

Especially when it comes to losing weight, you should keep in mind that not everything always goes as fast as you might like. Keep in mind that you haven’t gained all your kilos at once.

If you approach losing weight patiently and reduce stress, this will also have a positive effect on your further weight loss.


You see, positive thoughts are essential to losing weight. If you approach things with good thoughts, it will be much easier for you.

Always take good care of yourself. Nowadays we lose more and more the feeling for our body. If you work on your mindset and deal with the above-mentioned advice, you will again be much more conscious with yourself.

Of course your thoughts do not automatically help you to eat healthier or to do more sports. However, you will be more motivated, accept setbacks better and really reach your goal in the end.

We hope we could help you with our contribution and show you that purely the power of your thoughts can make a difference.

Good luck trying out our strategies. Feel free to write us in the comments which tips will work best for you. Of course, you can also share the article with friends who struggle to lose weight or subscribe to the newsletter. for weekly Mindset Tips for a better, healthier & happier life πŸ™‚

Do positive thoughts help you to reach your goals as well? We look forward to your experiences.

Many greetings and see you soon, Hoffi

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