Some people are very successful. Some don't. But why and how can you develop a mindset about success? Keep reading πŸ‘‹

TL;DR To succeed, you gotta get your ass ahead. And by ass I mean your mindset.

Everything seems to run smoothly with them. Always.

You ask yourself what this may be and what distinguishes these people from the average.

What makes successful people?

Well, the most successful people are not always those with the greatest talent or the most sought-after skills.

Also not those with the best contacts and certainly not those with the biggest starting capital.

Successful people are characterized by their strong will! They are full of passion, do not let anything throw them off course and fight for their dreams. But the question of how to develop a mindset about success has still not been answered.

How to develop a mindset about success

A strong will is not everything. It goes along with a positive way of thinking, an inner attitude, a so-called “success mindset“!

Beliefs, convictions, and attitudes are decisive for the success or failure of a person.

Or in other words:

If you want to be especially successful – no matter in which area – the following ten tips are made for you!

1. do it with passion

This is probably the most important of all rules to be successful!

Because how could you ever really burn for something you do half-heartedly?

But as soon as you develop a passion, the tide turns:

Passion is a real success catapult! It maneuvers you to the top.

Of course, passion doesn’t prevent things from getting pretty tough sometimes.

But if you are passionate, you can master challenges more easily. You stay on the ball, don’t let it get you down.

And that is a crucial point to be successful!

2. find your vision

A vision, i.e. an overarching goal, is also an enormously strong success factor.

It drives you and lets you continue despite defeats. It ensures that your motivation remains at a constantly high level over a long period of time.

And it helps you to develop stamina and to stand up again and again when you fall.

Ask yourself why you really want this one thing:

  • Why do you want to run a big department?
  • Why do you want to run the marathon?

Your Why comes from within and is the reason why you developed your vision.

Successful people will see their why from time to time to remember why they started.

3. set your own goals

As long as you follow others’ goals without making them your own, you are not half as successful as you could be.

The reason is simple:

If you’re not so enthusiastic about the idea of becoming a department head, but your boss would like you to be in the position.

Or if you’d rather jog comfortably than run an exhausting marathon, but your best friend drags you along, then you definitely don’t give 100 percent.

That’s why successful people don’t follow any goals determined by others, but always look for their own.

This increases motivation enormously, because it comes from yourself, from your inner self.

Try it out and you will see how successful you can be!

4. visualize your dreams

I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea of visualizing your goals and visions on a vision board before.

If you really want to be successful, that’s a fabulous idea! A vision board strengthens your mindset enormously because it shows you every day what you want to achieve – and why.

Words and pictures make dreams tangible. Suddenly they no longer exist only in thoughts but are more binding.

A vision board is quickly created, so get started right away!

5. shake off fear and insecurity

If you want to be successful, you must acquire certain characteristics:

Courage, discipline, and stamina, for example.

But you could also look at it the other way around.

Then you don’t have to acquire anything, you just have to leave something out – for example, fear, insecurity, and volatility.

Leave behind the qualities that slow you down and stand in the way of your success. Instead, concentrate on the positive ones!

Successful people constantly work on themselves, they learn and grow beyond themselves.

And they are willing to take risks. Of course, there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly.

But for what in life does that already exist? Except for your Money Back Guarantee for your Jordans.

If you are aware of this, you are well on the way to achieving the right mindset to be successful.

6. surround yourself with like-minded people

Your social environment is jointly responsible for your attitudes and actions.

If you surround yourself with successful people who, at best, have already achieved what you still dream of, this will give you a real boost to your motivation!

Surround yourself with like-minded people – people who inspire you, support you and share their experiences with you.

Success doesn’t fade, but a positive attitude and a success-oriented mindset are contagious.

7. see efforts as opportunities

Many people are reluctant to leave their comfort zone.

No wonder, because habits are comfortable, but new situations and challenges are exhausting.

But here, too, your attitude makes the decisive difference:

If you want to be successful, you must not regard efforts as annoying or even threatening.

Because only through them can you get ahead.

Instead, consider efforts as opportunities and you will see how much easier it is for you to accept new challenges.

8. show full commitment

Successful people know that it depends more on their commitment than on their abilities.

You can’t always be the fastest or the smartest. But you can always give everything!

For example in a job interview:

The first application may be highly competent. But he is not properly prepared and only half-heartedly with the thing.

The second applicant, on the other hand, is not a specialist genius but gives his all.

He absolutely wants the job and puts himself to the test. Who will the boss decide?

Those who recognize this and focus on their commitment have a good chance of becoming successful.

9. Don't wait for πŸ’― percent

  • Are you also one of those perfectionists who only complete a task when they are 100 percent satisfied?
  • And only start a new task when they feel one hundred percent prepared?

If you really want to be successful, you should forget perfection!

Not complete, of course – it doesn’t hurt to orient yourself at the upper limit.

But don’t let yourself miss the start because you’re too busy preparing.

Satisfy yourself with 90 percent.

That’s still a great performance and you’ll see how much more successful you are if you don’t fall into the perfection trap.

10. see defeats as opportunities

When dealing with defeats, the bearings split into two halves.

On the one hand, there are those who let themselves be weakened by defeats, lose courage and give up.

And on the other hand, there are those who see defeat as a challenge.

This is exactly the secret recipe of successful people:

They do not regard defeats as failure but feel really inspired by a defeat and use their chance to do better next time.

They know:

Often it is the defeats that bring them further in the end and allow them to outgrow themselves.

Let's go, write your success story!

Well, have you internalized the ten mindset tips? Is the question of how to develop a mindset about success answered?

Then nothing stands in the way of your success.

And if you ever doubt it, remember: Positive thoughts promote your success, negative ones stop it.

Whenever success is delayed, change your thoughts. You will see how well this works!


Do you have any other tips that might help? Share your tips in the comments and help others get more out of their mindset.

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