How Persistence is a Helpful Tool for Success – Don't Quit Your Dreams!

How Persistence is a Helpful Tool for Your Success! – Get 8 incredible tips to be unstoppable ⚑️

By Hoffi β€’ Updated on July 05, 2019

And once again, the inner bastard has won… Persistence, my ass! 😠 In the end, we decide on our favorite series and the chips, oh the chocolate also looks good 🍫… Anyways… But inside we feel: A little more discipline would do us better. It would make us happier in the end. The good news: There are a few tricks with which you can increase your persistence…

What lack of persistence will do to you

If you want to change bad habits, successfully complete difficult projects, keep good intentions or train completely new skills, you can hardly avoid this value: persistence.

Success – whether professionally, in sport or privately – is hardly imaginable without this characteristic. Because there are difficulties and resistances everywhere – and they drain our strength. Or it is just the proverbial inner piggy that has something against it when it whispers into your ear again: “What else is this crap supposed to do?” 🐷

Lewis Terman, the inventor of the Stanford intelligence test, for example, followed the development of particularly talented and successful students over decades – and had to find out:

Intelligence is overestimated, peristence had the much greater effect on success.

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Please do not misunderstand: Of course, there are also situations in which one should draw a line. Better an end with horror than an end without horror and so on… Sometimes giving up, allowing failure to happen and starting over is the better alternative, no question.

In most cases, however, persistence pays off more. Because conversely, giving up has a price and consequences. Who breaks off again and again halfway…

In short, a lack of persistence can, if it becomes chronic, not only give a crack to one’s psyche – it also increasingly stands in the way of professional development and career.

But it is also true that very few successful people have been successful right from the start. The majority needed many (failed) attempts in order to reach their goal – even if some of them portray it somewhat differently. So don’t let all these success stories intimidate and unsettle you. Because everybody knows:

How Persistence is a Helpful Tool for Success – Don't Quit Your Dreams! -Especially in the digital age, people achieve anything just by asking & waiting

Why do we like to give up so much?

Strengthening and increasing persistence is one thing (we’ll get to that soon, promised πŸ™‚), but first, we have to ask ourselves:

Why do we like to give up so much at all?

For we would actually want to, but… Why can some people so persistently and consistently bring everything to an end that they set out to do, while others give up in the middle of it?

  • Few people choose the wrong goals: too big, too unrealistic, too unattainable. Then it is only a matter of time before they give up frustratedly.
  • Others forget that, despite all discipline, fun must not be neglected. Yes, stubborn cramming, swotting and training is sometimes no fun, goes to the pain threshold and sometimes beyond. But anyone who has mastered one of these stages should also be rewarded for it. That’s the way it is: Good resolutions usually trigger a short-term elation. As soon as it becomes tedious or temptations appear, it quickly goes out again. That’s why it’s important to have these phases of elation again and again in order to confirm yourself and your goal. In journalism, there is a nice bon mot: having to write is hell; but having written is heaven.
  • The third reason for a lack of stamina is the most common: these people don’t give up because they can, because it’s more comfortable and the excuses (of the swine) would be so obvious – they give up because they don’t think they can. In this case, previous impatience, defeats or bad counselors have led to self-confidence already being weakened like a muscle. The toughness of a terrier is hardly noticeable and a dangerous downward spiral develops. It is therefore particularly important to break through this downward spiral. And that can be done – just like with a muscle – through training.

Willpower has a decisive influence. However, this is only partly innate to us. The predominant part can be practiced.

The best tips for unstoppable Persistence πŸ’₯

How Persistence is a Helpful Tool for Success – Don't Quit Your Dreams! - 8 tips

Before you want to throw in the towel the next time, motivate yourself by visualizing your goal and the corresponding success once again: Why and, above all, why do you do this? Distinguish between a wish and a real goal and separate the wheat from the chaff. We only feel committed to real goals and pursue them bindingly.

Those who approach tasks in such a realistic and pragmatic way can also – despite all optimism – deal better with the obstacles in the run-up and stumbling blocks on the way and do their thing.

In addition, the following tips for staying the course can help:

#1Β  | How persistence is a self-reflection practice

Success – as far as the general definition is concerned – means achieving your personal goals. To achieve this, however, you first need to know them. They should also be achievable, i.e. realistic. That presupposes that one knows its individual strengths and weaknesses and aligns its goals accordingly. Self-reflection contains however still more:

Who possesses this ability, makes decisions more consciously, can deal better with mistakes (which means to analyze them likewise, in order not to commit them twice, as these emotionally behind itself to leave) and is usually more optimistic concerning its future, because it does not feel unconsciously at the mercy of it.

So don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail. Show indulgence: Everyone experiences setbacks.

#2Β  | Act on your own initiative

Take a step back and ask yourself: Why do I want this at all? Does the wish come from you or is it well-intentioned advice from outside? In order to stay with it permanently, you have to recognize the meaning behind it. It must be your personal wish, everything else does not work in the long run.

#3Β  | Split big tasks into small ones

It’s like the physical law of inertia: Once a heavy body is in motion, it becomes easier to keep it moving.

'Even the longest journey begins with a single step,'Click To Tweet is a Chinese proverb. So start with small steps.

#4Β  | Set yourself specific goals

Having a clear goal does not automatically make you successful. But what unites successful people is that they can name their goals in a structured and specific way. Quite a few even write them down – as with managers, whose targets are agreed in measurable numbers. They are not long-range goals, but a chain of short-range goals that eventually lead to a big one. So these people climb from one milestone to the next, experience partial success after partial success and remain highly motivated.

#5Β  | Cultivate more confidence

Exaggerated skepticism works like a self-fulfilling prophecy: At some point, you actually fail. Although everyone feels an escape reflex as soon as problems arise, successful ones create an atmosphere in which this reflex lasts statistically only 1.13 seconds.

#6Β  | Ignore doubters

Surely you know this: A friend or acquaintance was told about his idea and he reacted with skepticism. This will stir up self-doubt, which will shake your motivation. Before you know it, your new project is passΓ©. Arm yourself against it and simply let doubters bounce off you.

#7Β  | Find supporters

Nobody has to achieve his goals alone. It does not diminish your success at all if you look for advisors, mentors or even physical helpers. Especially partners, friends, and family should be the first to help you. Admittedly, it is not uncommon for it to be those who do not. Then you have at least learned something – and can look for other helpers.

#8Β  | Reward yourself for partial success

In the absence of positive feedback, people tend to give up. On the other hand, appreciation has an enormously positive effect, as Albert Bandura, professor of psychology at Stanford University, for example, proved:

People who are praised are more motivated, set themselves higher goals, feel more committed to them, sometimes even assume better abilities, which in turn improves their stamina.

So praise and reward yourself for what you have achieved. They keep the gap between intention and execution as small as possible – and thus the fun factor large.

And did you have enough persistence to read to the end? Did the tips help you and can you take some into your everyday life? Let us know in the comments. πŸ˜‡

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