How Goal Setting Is an Easy Way to Increase Your Success

How Goal Setting Is an Easy Way to Increase Your Success

By Hoffi β€’ Updated on July 14, 2019

Those who want to change and/or achieve something in their lives must set themselves goals. It also depends on the right formulation of goals. In fact, you can drastically increase the chance of achieving your goals if you spend a little time thinking about how you should formulate your goals. The most important things you need to know are summarized for you in this article. πŸ˜‰

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tl;dr How goal setting is an important element to achieving your goals correctly and effectively is scientifically proven. The best way to make it happen is to plan & think it through.

Why the right formulation of objectives is so important

Perhaps you are now wondering why it is so important to formulate your goals in a certain way. Why do you have to formulate your goals at all? Isn’t it enough to want something and work towards it? Well, this works maybe for eating no burgers for today πŸ” But not for bigger goals.

Having formulated your goal is a must if you want to have a realistic chance to achieve it. At least for important goals, which are really worth achieving and of which you are really proud in the end, you cannot avoid this step.

However, most people do not do this with their goals. They do not make their goals concrete. They do not hold on to them and do not concern themselves with what they are really concerned about. Such people do not really have a real goal. Such people have more intentions. Do you know the good old New Year’s resolutions that many have on New Year’s Eve and very few actually implement? Most people also know that they will not achieve the things they have set themselves. And what’s that all about?

The problem with not having a clear and binding goal is that you don’t have the chance to steer your time and energy in such a way that it effectively takes you in the right direction. Instead of doing things that bring you closer to your goals, you are wasting your time on things that should not be a priority. So you surf a little through the net, answer a few e-mails and then suddenly realize that it’s too late to go to sports or work on your project. You are simply not focused on your goal and the necessary steps to that.

In fact, there are now some scientific studies that clearly show that people who are concerned with their goals and objectives are much more likely to achieve them. It seems to have a special meaning that goals are clearly, bindingly, written down and follow certain rules, which I will explain later in more detail.

You must really want to reach your goal

Before we come to the concrete rules for a good formulation of objectives, we should make one more thing clear. No matter how well your goal is formulated, you must always want to achieve it, otherwise you can let it be the same. Only if you really want to achieve your goals, you will be able to set your priorities so that you get closer and closer to them.

That doesn’t mean that you should remove your make-up, because you love to eat sweets. What this means is only that if you haven’t found your why yet, you should urgently search for it.

If you have something in mind that you really want to achieve and you are aware of why you want to achieve it, then you are in the right place and can use the following rules to optimize your goal formulation so that you will achieve it much more easily.

Formulate your goals correctly and effectively with the S.M.A.R.T. formula

Your goals are the most important thing when it comes to changing something in your life. They are also worth their weight in gold when it comes to accomplishing something and overcoming your inner swine 🐷. The better you have set and formulated your goals, the easier it will be for you to pursue and achieve them. In fact, it has been found that people who achieve many of their goals consciously or unconsciously follow a simple pattern of goal formulation. This pattern was analyzed and poured into a simple five-part set of rules.

The acronym S.M.A.R.T. stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attractive
  • Realistic
  • Terminated

Along with these criteria/rules it is important in formulating your goal in this way if you want to achieve your goals correctly and effectively.

How Goal Setting Is an Easy Way to Increase Your Success - smart formula

#1 | Your goal must be specific

A goal should be specific, i.e. so precise that it clearly states what is to be achieved. The more you can narrow down what you want to achieve, the better it is for your goal. So don’t just say you want to “lose some weight”. That is simply not precise enough. Become as concrete as you can. So rather lose five kilos of weight or more precisely reduce your body fat by five kilos.

Addition: The S should not only stand for specific, but also for signing. Various studies have shown that those who formulate their goals in writing have up to ten times the chance of achieving them. Write down your goals and hang them up where you can see them regularly so that you are reminded of them again and again.

#2 | Make your goal measurable

Only if you can objectively measure in some way whether you have reached your goal, can you also understand it beyond doubt. In addition, the progress that you make on the way there is also much easier to understand. This gives you the chance to track your progress and adjust it if necessary if things don’t go as well as planned.

In principle, measurability is a further development of your specific objectives. Instead of losing so much weight that you feel comfortable looking in the mirror again, you should define in advance which weight loss should cause this condition. So set yourself the goal of losing five kilos because you expect to feel comfortable in your skin again.

#3 | Your goal should be attractive enough

Actually, the A in literature is often interpreted as ambitious goals. Personally, however, I find the interpretation as attractive goals much more accurate and goal-oriented. Because, as I have written before if you don’t want to achieve your goal, i.e. if it is not attractive enough, then you won’t achieve it either.

So make sure that you formulate your goal in a way that it is so attractive for you that you can hardly wait to reach it. Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to motivate yourself to train regularly in the evening after work or do 2 hours more of work at home.

#4 | Stay a little realistic

Of course, it is also important that your goal is realistically achievable for you. After all, you want to avoid not taking the first step because you don’t believe that you can do it. Your goals should challenge you and make you leave your comfort zone, but they should not be so big that they completely intimidate you.

But as Walt Disney said:

Everything you can imagine, you can achieve.Click To Tweet

So try to formulate your goals in a way that you can imagine. Formulate your goal in such a way that you can believe that you will really achieve it. So if in doubt, start a little smaller so that your first goal is a success. You can then best judge for yourself how to proceed with your further goals from then on.

By the way: A major goal can be unrealistic at first, but by achieving realistic intermediate goals it can become a realistic long-term goal in the medium to long term.

#5 | Set a specific date for yourself

If you have a goal, then you want to achieve it at some point. At some point, however, is not concrete enough to trigger something. At some point, in case of doubt, you will still be far away. And at the end of the day there will never be.

That is why it is very important that you choose a concrete time for your goal at which you want to have reached it at the latest. The date should be as concrete as possible. In case of doubt, your inner piggy will use your space pretty much to the last minute. So it’s best to commit yourself to a specific day.

BONUS TIP | Build the path to your goal

Here comes another tip from me that is not part of the SMART formula. However, it helps many people to reach their goals even better and to realize them in the end. Therefore it makes sense to consider the way to the goal directly in the goal formulation. If you are already thinking about what you have to do to achieve your goal when formulating it, then the way to the goal becomes clearer. This also makes your goal more achievable, because you know what you have to do.

5 Examples for good goal formulation according to the S.M.A.R.T. formula

Finally, I would like to give you a few concrete examples to illustrate how you can use the rules described above to formulate your goals. I deliberately took frequent resolutions and formulated them as smart goals. Of course, you should not adopt any of these goals directly and without reflection, but they can certainly be used as a good orientation aid.

#1 | Marathon running

In 6 months I will successfully run my first marathon in under 4 hours, for which I will increase my weekly running time from 2 to 4 hours.

#2 | Losing/Losing Weight

In 3 months, I will have lost 3 kilos of body fat by exercising three times a week and consistently abstaining from chocolate and gummy bears. I will also make sure that I integrate more exercise into my everyday life.

#3 | Build muscle

I will have built up 3 kilos of muscle mass by June 15th by consistently running my Hypertrophy Split training schedule four times a week, making sure I have enough calories and protein to eat.

#4 | Stop smoking

I’ll have completely quit smoking by May 1st. This means that I will not smoke more than one cigarette a week. In return, I will gradually reduce my cigarette consumption every week and not buy new cigarettes.

#5 | Drink less alcohol

From now on I will only take an alcoholic drink on special occasions (insert list) because I know that alcohol and fitness do not fit together. To achieve this, I will dispose of the alcohol from my household or give it away to friends. I will also ask my friends to accept this decision and support me.

All these goals I had similarly set myself sometime in the past and achieved successfully.

I hope this article has helped you understand how important it is to formulate your goals correctly in order to improve your chances of achieving them. I am sure that you can use the described rules effectively to get closer to your goals even faster.

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