How a Brainwave Collective Defines Your Reality

How a Brainwave Collective Defines Your Reality

By Hoffi • Updated on July 16, 2019

The brain waves in our brain determine our behavior and our thoughts without us noticing them. In this article, you will learn which brain waves exist and how they control you. In the end, you will even learn how you can turn that around and control your brainwaves to improve your life.

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The brain is a complex and fascinating system in your body. It consists of billions of brain cells called neurons. All brain areas have different tasks. So that communication can be established between them and corresponding reactions can take place, there are therefor so-called brain waves.

These consist of electrical fields of tension, via which information is transmitted to the most diverse areas of the brain. These are influenced by the human condition, such as sleep, relaxation or anxiety. These states cause the brain waves to sway and subsequently to exchange information. How intensive these waves are, depends on the respective level of the respective frequency, which is influenced/triggered mainly by external influences such as fear or stress, but also by other impulses.

tl;dr Neuronal vibrations or brain waves are rhythmic or repetitive patterns of neuronal activity in the central nervous system that determine your emotional state and thus your perception of the world and yourself.

Different types of brain waves

There are many inexplicable things that your brain tells you, how a brainwave interacts with you or you suddenly feel in a sepcific way. If you’re unfocused, angry because you can’t remember a great dream, or if you sleep badly and you’re sad and anxious, it’s probably because of the different types how a brainwave communicates with your brain. They can have different intensities and consequences, especially for your psyche. These brain wave types shape our “state of mind” and thus our constitution.

First and foremost, we are controlled by our brain waves, which define our state of consciousness. This is also the most effective way to quickly switch to other mindsets. Let’s remember that for later.

Delta Brainwaves

The delta brain waves play an important role in your body system. Among other things, they are involved in the release of many vital hormones and are valuable for cell regeneration. The delta brain waves are between 0.1 and 4 Hertz.

Delta brain waves are often referred to as the sixth sense. It is they who tell you things for which you cannot find an explanation as to why you think or think you need to do something. People with many active delta brain waves usually find it very easy to put themselves into the emotional world of others.

Delta waves have another advantage. In each nightly deep sleep phase they provide physical and mental regeneration and activate various body functions so that you can wake up in the morning revived.


Theta Brainwaves

Through the theta brain waves you can gain access to unconscious thoughts. Their responsibility lies in your creativity and keeping memories alive. For example, if you ponder a problem for days on end, your theta brainwaves will be instrumental in finding a spontaneous solution.

If you occasionally simply dream away, then this is due to a theta brain wave dominance. Infants and toddlers up to four years of age usually show a high degree of theta brain wave dominance. Also in ADHD patients (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) the inner restlessness can lead to the activation of the theta brain cells.

The theta waves are assigned to the subconscious. For this reason we also experience an increased creativity when we are in the theta state. We are, so to speak, coupled to the information of our subconscious. Between the beta waves and the theta waves there is a spectrum in between.


Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha brain waves are usually between 8 and 13 Hertz. If the alpha brain waves are activated, increased learning and memory abilities are achieved. They are one of the most important links and an important reason why people find learning and remembering differently easy or difficult.

Alpha brainwaves are the link between beta and theta brainwaves. This means that when you enter the alpha state, you are able to “listen” to your body’s interior as well as to perceive external stimuli. This is the case, for example, with hypnosis. It gives you access to your inner being and at the same time you react to what is happening and/or being said around you.

Even when you are dreaming or after dreaming, your alpha state ensures that you can remember your dreams. The electrical voltage creates the flow of information about what your subconscious has experienced during sleep, while you have found yourself predominantly in the beta or SMR (senso-motoric rhythm) state. Depending on how hard the brain waves work, you may remember some dreams well and sometimes not even remember if you dreamt at all. This is the case when you immediately fall into beta state in the morning after waking up from the theta. If the alpha brainwaves are inactive, the bridge between beta and theta brainwaves is missing.

It is also important for you to know that alpha brainwaves can help you with decisions and reactions. If you are confronted with a decision from the outside or a reaction is demanded of you, you can simultaneously gain access to your inner intuition – i.e. establish a connection between a situation and your inner being. Surely you also know moments when you suddenly have an (inner) intuition. Then you simply do or think something because your inner self guides you. Theta brain cells dominate, while alpha brain cells in combination with beta brain cells provide the logic.

Alpha brainwaves are relatively simple to activate by themselves. Closing your eyes and concentrating on yourself and your brain is enough to activate the alpha brain waves. In this state, various messenger substances are released, which promote feelings of happiness and joy.


Beta Brainwaves

Beta brain waves are usually in a frequency range above 20 Hertz, but they start at 13 Hertz. These brain waves are activated in particular by states of anxiety and stress. If you only have beta waves, you cannot influence your inner self. So you are basically “remote controlled” from the outside.

The beta brain waves have a kind of subrange that moves between frequencies of 12 to 15 Hertz. This is the so-called senso-motoric rhythm, SMR for short. Experts assume that this range is jointly responsible for improved sleep. Conversely, this means that stimulating the senso-motoric rhythm can promote better sleep and relaxation.

beta waves

Gamma Brainwaves

The responsibility of gamma brain waves lies mainly in increasing mental performance and composing your perceptions. They allow you to ascend to mental peak performance and enable you to concentrate enormously. With their help your brain can (better) recognize connections. This can, for example, not only be of advantage for your professional career, but can also develop a feeling for dangers and risks in your private life.

The gamma brain waves are between 40 and 100 Hertz. They have hardly been researched, but have already shown clear results through various experiments.


Influencing Brainwaves

All brainwaves can be manipulated. Above all, this is possible through so-called audio frequencies. These frequencies ensure that the brain waves oscillate at the same frequency and thus trigger various changes in consciousness & subconsciousness.

In this way a lowering or an increase of the brain wave frequency is brought about, which can put you for example into an absolute state of relaxation or increased productivity and much more. More and more psychotherapists use beats to achieve relaxation phases as well as to recognize and solve possible problems on different levels of consciousness.

You should not leave your constitution and psychic constellation to chance, but activate your brainwaves consciously by listening to frequencies.


Simply taking a break and having a positive effect on your condition with special beats can quickly lead to so much more quality of life, satisfaction, and professional success. So what to wait for? Thank you for the time you took to read.

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