10 Tips – How to Develop a Mindset About Success - boy standing on ladder reaching for the clouds

How to Develop a Mindset About Success โ€“ 10 Tips for a mindset that achieves anything ๐Ÿ™Œ

By Hoffi โ€ข Updated on July 05, 2019

Have you ever noticed how much your way of thinking influences your actions and behaviors? Can you imagine how much your results and your feelings influence your whole life? In this Article, you get 10 mindset tips that will completely blow your mind.

TL;DR How to develop a mindset about success is an elementary core of your personal existence, your values and also your possible prejudices and fixed opinions. Your mindset determines how you achieve your success.

How to Develop a Mindset About Success

10 Tips – How to Develop a Mindset About Success - 10 tips

#1 | Your personality is formable

You’re never shy, stupid, undisciplined, chaotic or scared. You are simply untrained. Of course, as in any other field, there are more talented and less talented people. But you can shape and change every part of your personality.

The shyest person can learn how to approach people and win people over. The laziest and undisciplined person can learn how to get his ass up and finally do what he wants to do.

Personality development can help you gain control over how you want to be and what qualities you want to have.

#2 | Take responsibility for your life

Your life is your responsibility! Your circumstances, the economy, your boss or your partner are not responsible for your life, but you alone.

No question, external circumstances play a role, but no matter how plausible your excuses are, in the end, they won’t get you any further. Not even a single millimeter. You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can always decide how you react to it.

You can decide whether you fail under the circumstances or become stronger. You can use the economy as an excuse not to start or to be successful despite the bad situation and pass everyone by in the good times. You can blame your boss for not making progress or instead developing yourself until you make decisions about your life. There are countless stories of people who have achieved incredible things despite the most adverse circumstances.

Nothing will change in your life unless you change. Once you take full responsibility for your life, it gives you the power to decide freely about your life.

#3 | Focus on the things you can change

There are things you can’t just change. These include politics, laws, taxes, the economy, the system or other people. We have set rules in which we can move. Whether they are good or bad is completely irrelevant because you can’t change them. People waste soooo much time focusing on things and complaining about circumstances they can’t change. Ultimately, this only leads to you not getting ahead and feeling bad.

So rather ask yourself the question:

  • What can YOU do to improve the situation?
  • What can you do better?

It is always easier to change yourself than to change your situation.

It is easier to leave your environment than to change your environment.

It is easier to leave your job and build something new than to try to change your boss, colleagues or the system.

If you can’t influence or change something, don’t waste a second thinking about it.

#4 | Striving for the uncomfortable

The things we want to do the least are often the things that help us the most. So regularly learn to do things that frighten you. Be it starting a new project, traveling alone or going to an event, interacting with strangers, speaking in front of other people, singing, dancing or reaching your physical limits.

To face your fears regularly will gradually loosen the shackles that hold you back. Meanwhile fear is like a compass for me. Whenever I’m afraid of something, it’s a sign for me to do just that.

10 Tips – How to Develop a Mindset About Success - boy standing on ladder reaching for the clouds - Striving For The Uncomfortable

#5 | Your subconscious determines your success

95% of our behavior happens subconsciously. So our subconscious is much more powerful than our consciousness. You can imagine this as a very long flight where you are the pilot. If your autopilot is set wrong, you will never reach your destination. Of course, you can temporarily take the wheel yourself and consciously choose your route, but as soon as you take a break or are tired, your autopilot will take over and fly in the opposite direction again.

That means transferred to your life: If you are just motivated and have a high degree of willpower, you will be able to move your life in the desired direction. But as soon as you are exhausted, emotionally overtaxed or your motivation diminishes, your autopilot, i.e. your subconscious, will take over.


If you want to control your life and implement what you set out to do, you have to learn how to bring your subconscious to your side.

#6 | Earn your money by creating value

Many people have a bad image of wealth or of making money. Many have the feeling that they are taking something from someone when they earn money because if you have more, there is less elsewhere. It’s logical, isn’t it? But this approach is very flawed. Money is simply a transfer and has no value in itself.

Basically, apart from ensuring our survival, we have a major motive why we buy goods and services. We want to feel better and be happier. The value of money depends on how much you have to spend to earn it and how much what you get for it improves your life or makes it happier. The problem is that there are a lot of people and institutions that earn money without providing real added value.

10 Tips – How to Develop a Mindset About Success - boy standing on ladder reaching for the clouds - 1 U.S.A dollar banknotes

For example, large parts of the financial sector or institutions that earn their money only through the emotions and fears of other people. This is especially true for many consumer-oriented companies that manipulate us on a daily basis to buy products that we don’t need and make us a little happier, if only in the short term. And often other people are exploited as well.

On the other hand, there are companies that make money by creating value for others. So if you earn money by creating values for other people that make their lives better and happier, it means that the more money you ultimately earn, the more values were created before for other people. That way, you never take anything away from anyone.

#7 | Get started as soon as you can!

Work smart, not hard, is an incredibly valuable guiding principle. However, it is very often misinterpreted. Many never take action because they want to develop a perfect system and strategy in advance. They get caught in a loop of research, brooding and doubting.

Meanwhile, others just love to get started unsuspectingly and see what happens. Of course, you make a lot of mistakes and other also like to get their ass kicked. But at the same time, you gain a lot of experience and this helps you to analyze and improve the process and to progress much faster.

So if you once again ask yourself the question:

  • Where should I start?

Here’s the answer:

Never mind! The main thing is that you start!

Even if you do everything completely wrong in the beginning and even move in the wrong direction, you will progress much faster than if you are only thinking and planning forever.

#8 | You can learn everything

No matter what you want in life, if you have the desire, you also have the necessary prerequisites to learn the skills that will help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to build passive income and enjoy life more, increase your circle of friends, more dates, more charisma, a healthier & fitter body or be more relaxed and happier. You can learn everything. Many helpdesks are even available free of charge. There are countless websites and channels, like this, that can help you in all walks of life. (So maybe just sub to our Newsletter? ๐Ÿ™ƒ)

So not being able to do something is not an excuse not to do something.

#9 | It's not about being perfect, it's about improving

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about improving bit by bit. Most of them do not proceed according to the principle at all. So if they want to eat healthily, they don’t treat themselves to anything anymore. In sports, it has to be hardcore training at least three times a week.

The need to always get the most out of every behavior leads to the fact that most give up fast again and never achieve results.

Many small and above all slight improvements finally lead to enormous results. If you improve 1% every day, you will be 37 times as good after one year as you are today.

Frequent small but negative decisions can make us sit on a mountain of debt after a while or be overweight and wonder where it all comes from. But that’s exactly how it works the other way round. Many small, simple and inconspicuous habits will transform your whole life into something positive. Be it reading five minutes a day, taking the stairs instead of the lift, working ten minutes a day on your mindset or dealing with your habits. In detail, such decisions hardly make a difference, but each individual decision will ultimately lead to incredible results. With many small habits that can be easily established in everyday life.

So before you want to revolutionize your whole life all at once, you better start to build up many small positive habits step by step.

The tenth and by far the most important insight of many life is:

#10 | The key to success is your habits

Goals are important. If we have no goals, then we won’t achieve anything. Goals are therefore a good point of reference, but they should not be exaggerated. Unfortunately, we have no direct influence on our goals. You can’t decide whether to buy your products or not. You also cannot simply choose your dream body and you have no power over what other people think or feel about you.

You can only influence the behaviors that lead to the desired results. So if you want to achieve goals that will take several months or years to achieve, then ask yourself which person you need to become in order to achieve this goal and what habits you need for this. From this point on, focus only on these habits and think about how you can improve them and carry them out more frequently and longer.

Habits help you to automate and execute these behaviors on a daily basis. You will constantly evolve and move towards your goals. Once you have automated the behaviors, they cost you only a fraction of the effort, and you can achieve much more.

10 Tips – How to Develop a Mindset About Success - habits

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