Who doesn't know the following dilemma: An important deadline is pending and you only have a few hours left to complete your task. But an invisible board in front of your head seems to block your way provocatively. While the hourglass gradually runs out in front of your inner eye, your performance level drops further and further towards zero. The bar gradually turns red and you still have a few hours of work ahead of you. You want to increase your performance? Then you need concentration techniques for a better performing mindset before your memory drops to zero 👋

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TL;DR Our ability to concentrate can be increased with simple concentration techniques for a better performing Mindset. We have 9 How to’s for you!

Which factors favor lack of concentration?

  • Lack of sleep with associated fatigue
  • Lack of motivation in relation to a task to be completed
  • Psychological stress
  • Distracting factors (e.g. smartphone, constant checking of e-mails)
  • Lack of exercise
  • Procrastination
  • Poor time and self-management
  • Overstrain, demotivation or under strain

If more than two of the above aspects apply to you, you have come to the right place. I’ll share 9 concentration techniques for a better performing mindset with you to get your concentration battery back into the green area (🔋) and remove the invisible board in front of your head.

Here is my first task for you: Now direct your whole perception and all your senses to this article and try to read it until the end. 😉

9 Concentration Techniques for a better performing Mindset


Eliminate distracting factors

You may also find yourself surfing the Internet indiscriminately, even though you have an important job to do right now. You are not alone.

A computer scientist at the University of Bonn developed an app (“Menthal”) that measures people’s smartphone usage. He evaluated the data of about 60,000 app users.

The result: The test persons unlocked their smartphones about 53 times a day and thus interrupted their actual activities about every 18 minutes. Often out of pure boredom, for example for surfing. [source]

Action 1: Switch off your phone (Or just put it away)

It can be difficult to do without the smartphone altogether for the entire working day. At the beginning of the day, make an agreement with yourself about how often you are allowed to look at your mobile phone during the working day. Set a fixed number – ten times, for example – and gradually reduce it from day to day.

Concentration Techniques for a better performing Mindset | put your phone off

Action 2: Keep your desk order

Also, keep your desk tidy as far as possible to reduce the risk of distraction.

Action 3: Do Productivity Tools

There are also useful tools that will keep you from surfing the net randomly. I can recommend them to you with a clear conscience:


With this free chrome tool, you can determine which websites you want to block for a period of your choice.


This tool tracks your Internet activities and shows you how much time you have spent on which websites.

Extra tip: The next time you catch yourself in a distracting activity, think about the following: Does it really make sense to distract me now? Afterwards I have to do the remaining tasks at home and have less time for myself. It also damages my self-confidence if I can’t keep my goals.


Writing to-do lists

The evening is the best time to write your to-do list. This way you start the next day stress-free and know directly what to do for the next day.

Concentration Techniques for a better performing Mindset | to do list

Why write to-do lists?

  • Better daily organization and time planning
  • Important tasks are not forgotten
  • More effective achievement of objectives
  • Good feeling by deliberately checking off the completed tasks
  • Increased productivity and better concentration
  • Recognition of success. You see what you have achieved in one day.

Sort your tasks by priority and realistically plan your daily goals.

That means: Write down only tasks you think you can complete in one day. For longer-term tasks, you can create a separate to-do list.

Why you can increase your concentration with to-do lists

Unfinished tasks can severely impair your productivity because they are always present in your mind. Subconsciously, they lead to stress and reduced concentration.

Thus, the “Zeigarnik effect” also means that we can remember unfinished tasks better than completed tasks. However, this also means that we are constantly cognitively tense until the task is completed. If, on the other hand, we write down unfinished tasks, we are less distracted mentally. This is also confirmed by a study by Wake Forest University in North Carolina. [source]


End multitasking

Brain researchers prove that multitasking leads to an enormous drop in performance and an increase in stress. According to research results, multitasking can cause a productivity drop of up to 40%. [source]

Why? Because it takes the brain a few minutes to get used to a new task. In addition, you can never fully concentrate on one thing when working on several tasks at the same time. The quality of the results also suffers considerably from this.

So always finish one task before you start the next one.

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The Pomodoro technique can help you:

  • Write down your tasks to be done.
  • Divide your tasks into four 25-minute sections.
  • Now focus for 25 minutes on the first task and then take a 5-minute break.
  • Repeat this procedure for the next three sections.
  • After the first four Pomodoris, you take a longer break of about 15 to 20 minutes.


Write down the last train of thought during interruptions

Does your phone ring more often at work or do your colleagues like to interrupt you during work?

Get used to writing down your last thoughts before every interruption. This habit saves you a lot of time, which you normally need after each interruption, to get back into your job.

wrire last thought down

With this tip, you will never lose the red thread again! 😉


Taking breaks for movement and workouts

What’s it called so nice?

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As you now know, movement activates not only your muscles but also your grey brain cells. Whether it’s a regular walk to the printer or to the quiet place – every movement at work counts.

So treat yourself to active breaks between the tasks to be done.


Listen to concentration music

Does the term “Mozart effect” mean anything to you?

A research team from California’s Irvine University conducted a test on “Spatial Thinking” with 36 test persons and found out that:

The subjects who listened to Mozart in the exercises were about 9 IQ ranks better than those who did not listen to music in the exercises [source].

Of course, it’s not only Mozart who causes a concentration boost. You know best which music you can best concentrate on.

But another little tip: Alpha waves have also been proven to promote concentration and increase your memory. [source]

Try it right now!


Sufficient sleep

Are you currently working on a complicated task and just can’t find a solution? A simple, but long proven advice: sleep a night over it!

Did you know? Going without sleep for 48 hours impairs cognitive abilities to the same degree as having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1%, above the legal limit for driving in every state. [source]

Seven to eight hours of sleep are recommended by health professionals to think clearly and improve your memory.


Drink enough

Did you know that your brain consists of about 75% water?

Dehydration can reduce your concentration by a third. Even after two hours of regeneration, people who drink too little are 19% less concentrated than people who have drunk enough. [source]

If there is a lack of water, your brain cells cannot be supplied with sufficient energy, so that your concentration gradually drops towards zero. The discolored urine tells you that you have drunk too little – because this should be as clear as possible.

Depending on your height and weight, drink about two liters of pure water a day to avoid a performance low. If you feel thirsty, this is the first sign of dehydration. For this reason, always try to drink against a feeling of thirst.

Are you one of the few drinkers? Try different types of water or herbal tea to increase your desire to drink (water).

Concentration Techniques for a better performing Mindset | drink enough water or tea


Solve problems

I’m sure you’ve experienced it before:

You’re in the middle of a conversation, but somehow you can’t concentrate one hundred percent on it. When your conversation partner asks you a question, you notice: You were elsewhere with your thoughts all the time.

Such situations are often caused by psychological stress. Stress acts as a mental block and makes our ability to concentrate more difficult.

For example, have you been postponing an important conversation with your partner for quite some time? Or have you been feeling too much pressure in your job lately? Then grab the respective person and look for the conversation with them. Afterward, you will certainly feel better and you will be able to increase your concentration considerably.

It also helps to write the problem down. Then look for three different solutions and try to solve the problem.

Conclusion: Your ability to concentrate can be increased with simple habits

Did you read the article from beginning to end in a concentrated way? Then you passed this concentration test – congratulations! 😉

If you think that there is a physical cause (e.g. hypothyroidism) behind your concentration difficulties, be sure to see a doctor.

I wish you all the best!

Do you have further tips for us and our readers? We are looking forward to your comment!

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