Is the glass half full or half empty? Your answer to this simple question is very likely to determine your life. Positive thinking has a powerful influence on all areas of life and even influences your health. Learn the art of positive thinking in this article, overcome negativity and simply live happier! πŸ‘‹

The Best Thoughts for Success 25 Smart Habits for Positive Thinking

TL;DR positive emotions expand your room for maneuver. Through a positive attitude to life, you see a variety of options, while negative emotions severely restrict your room for maneuver.

Think about it for a moment:

Have you recently found yourself in a situation in which you have been thinking about a certain event for days?

Maybe it was a quarrel with a friend who had acidified your mood for days and you couldn’t think about anything else anymore.

Imagine now, it would often be like this for you (and maybe it is like this). You find yourself in a vicious circle of negative thoughts and can hardly enjoy everyday life anymore.

You are unfocused, pessimistic and radiate this negativity.

Do you know the feeling of not really being in the present?

This reaction is an old basic instinct. When our ancestors encounter a tiger, the brain automatically switches into the “escape” mode and fades out everything else until the successful escape.

This state restricts your thought world and lets you focus on only one thing. So it is with negativity:

It limits your options and restricts your chances of success considerably.

Pessimism is the beach chair of the unproductive.Click To Tweet
Best Thoughts for Success: Pessimism

Study: How does positive thinking affect your life?

The renowned US psychologist Barbara Fredrickson carried out an exciting experiment at North Carolina University to test the effects of positive thinking on the brain.

She divided the experiment into five groups, each showing a film clip with positive, neutral and negative emotions.

  • Test group 1 watched a film clip with the positive emotion “joy“.
  • Test group 2 watched a film clip with the positive emotion “satisfaction“.
  • Test group 3 watched a film clip that did not evoke any emotions.
  • Test group 4 watched a film clip with the negative emotion “fear
  • Test group 5 watched a film clip with the negative emotion “anger“.

Each participant was then given the task of putting themselves in a situation in which they felt the same emotion as in the film clip. They were then asked to write down how they would act. Each of the sentences began with “I would love…”.

The result is surprising: groups 1 and 2, who were shown clips with positive emotions, wrote down most of the action options.

Contrary to this, groups 3 and 4 only wrote very brief answers.

For success, it is undoubtedly worthwhile for you to learn to think positively

Best Thoughts for Success: positive thinking breeds success

The psychologist Fredrickson calls the theory described above “broaden and build theory“.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Because through positive thinking you not only broaden your mental horizon and thus your room for maneuver, but also acquire new abilities. These are useful for many areas of life.

I would like to clarify this briefly for you. Now put yourself back into your childhood. Do you remember your first contact with other children?

In this way, you have acquired social skills, including empathy and communicative qualifications. Through playful discovery, you have expanded your curiosity and creativity. In addition, you have also learned physical skills such as endurance.

All these qualifications have made you the person you are today and contributed to your success.

Positive thinking is therefore not a short-term state of happiness, but a long-term asset with which you can give your life significantly more value. Consequently, through positive thinking, you will live more self-fulfilled and often be satisfied with yourself.

Did you know? Feelings of happiness through positive thinking are much more likely to lead to success. Not only success leads to feelings of happiness. That announced the scientific-technical periodical Psychological Bulletin after a study with over 275.000 participants. Because lucky people are mostly more self-confident, more energetic and more popular, which makes them altogether also more successful.

Whoa! You will secure this quality of life if you train positive thinking! 🀩

These promising “side effects” have positive thinking:

  • You learn new skills and recognize opportunities
  • You’re just more energetic and happier.
  • You have a positive charisma that is contagious due to your increased self-confidence.
  • You have more satisfying interpersonal relationships.
  • You let yourself be less influenced by negative events and draw new insights from them instead.
  • You live scientifically proven longer and stay healthier [3]
  • You have a more conscious self-presentation and (body) language.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we should ignore the negative. The art of positive thinking is to draw conclusions from negative situations instead of letting one’s head hang. With a little training, these little lifehacks will steer your life into the positive!

A well-known saying from Uganda says:

“Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.”

So say goodbye to the shadow called “negativity” and look into a sunny life full of joy and energy! 😊

With these 25 small steps, you learn positive thinking and overcome negativity


Accept situations in which you can't change anything and learn from them

Sometimes we think unnecessarily about negative experiences that take up a lot of time and energy. The first step of positive thinking is “acceptance”. What has happened has happened.

Instead of annoying you for a long time, find a solution for the problem and write it down. In this way, you free your thoughts from the negative spiral and deal constructively with the experience. The next time you will do it better!


Compare your strengths and weaknesses and write down suggestions for improving your weaknesses

Every man has his weaknesses. For example, I find it difficult to speak in front of a large audience or take longer to come up with good arguments. That’s nothing negative – it’s only human! 😊

In addition, not only your strengths but also your weaknesses are expandable. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and think about how you can overcome them.


Make a daily note of at least one positive experience

Every man has his weaknesses. For example, I find it difficult to speak in front of a large audience or take longer to come up with good arguments. That’s nothing negative – it’s only human! 😊

In addition, not only your strengths but also your weaknesses are expandable. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and think about how you can overcome them.


Think about rewards for achieving a goal and keep them in mind

Are you aware of what you achieve every day? Just the fact that you have successfully mastered a working day is worth a reward. With rewards, you can increase your work motivation and approach your tasks much more positively.

Enter your rewards like an appointment in your calendar to visualize them.

My favorite rewards are for example…

  • have dinner with friends
  • treat yourself to a new book or a new magazine
  • attend a play, concert or poetry slam
  • a wellness day with cucumbers on the eyes πŸ˜‰
  • a cozy cooking evening
  • a short trip for slightly larger destinations reached

Just see it as a little date with yourself! πŸ˜‰


Be inspired by others

Does a person spontaneously come to your mind that you find incredibly inspiring?

Maybe it’s songs, movies, books or little pearls of wisdom. As a morning routine, I like to watch short videos on Youtube that encourage positive thinking. So you start the day in a better mood!


Eliminate negativity in daily conversations

You know these people. Each of us has at least 2-3 of these people in our own social network. People to whom cynicism is written in capital letters on the forehead. 80% of conversations consist of stories of suffering, complaints or criticism. Surely you don’t want to make the same impression, because negativity can be very contagious.

My tip for you: Try to speak more consciously from now on and eliminate negativity from your conversations. Avoid negative adjectives and constant moaning. Because no one likes to surround themselves with such people.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about your day anymore – because you shouldn’t always swallow his frustration. But it is important that you can laugh about it at the end. With a little humor, even bad days don’t look so grey anymore. πŸ˜‰


Transform negative thoughts into constructive ideas

Thoughts determine your way of life. As difficult as it may be, you should try to control them as much as possible.

How? Next time make yourself aware as soon as a negative thought creeps in. Stop for a moment, accept the situation as it is and try to replace the negative thought with a positive one.

You can start positive thinking with the following golden rule: Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to others.

Here is an example:

Instead of thinking:

“What if my new colleagues don’t like me”,

say to you inside:

“Surely everything will go well! I see it as a new challenge and it is human to worry a little after all”.

Because Buddha once said wisely:

The mind is everything. What you think you become.Click To Tweet

Here is a little video to inspire you to ban negativity from your self-talk.


Smile more often at yourself and your fellow human beings

An Indian proverb says:

The smile you send returns to you.Click To Tweet

Do an experiment today: Smile at a stranger on the street and wait for her reaction. You will certainly reap a smile or at least be perceived positively. This will also increase your mood.


Practice a good posture, as it influences your thoughts (and vice versa)

Here’s a little self-test: Now take your shoulders back, raise your head as if it were hanging on a thread and stand upright. Do you feel how your mood is changing? The same thing happens when you let your shoulders hang. You feel rather depressed and weak.

Practice an optimal body position, as it influences your thoughts and vice versa. Positive thinking promotes a good posture, a good posture influences positive thinking. You also avoid back problems and look more self-confident! 😊


Read positive news more often

I often feel downcast when I read the news every day. Actually, no wonder, because you get the feeling that the world consists only of war, unconstructive political debates and crimes. But that is not true.

Our world also has incredibly beautiful sides. On for example, you can follow daily news which, in contrast to commercial news services, report exclusively on beautiful things.


Set long-term goals and become aware of why you want to achieve them

Long-term goals help you not to live every day in a meaningless way in front of you. They give you more quality of life and self-motivation. Write down what you want to achieve in the long run and why.

A long-term goal would be, for example, to build up your online work profile in order to be able to fulfill your life’s dream afterward as a digital nomad to travel the world (coincidentally this is also at the top of my list). πŸ˜‰


Follow a healthy lifestyle, as body and psyche interact with each other

It is no longer a secret that movement makes you happy. Your body not only emits endorphins during sporting activities, but you also become more self-confident through sport.

According to the sports physician Dr. Ingrid Frey at the University Hospital of Freiburg, you should take at least 6,000 steps a day to stay healthy. In order to strengthen your health permanently, you should take at least 10,000 steps per day.

A healthy diet also plays an important role in positively influencing your psyche. If your body feels good, your psyche will also feel good! 😊

Positive Thinking Healthy Lifestyle

Even Winston Churchill once was:

'One must do good to the body to make the soul want to live in it.'Click To Tweet


Surround yourself with a positive, social environment

'People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' - Maya AngelouClick To Tweet

Since mood is contagious, you should mostly be surrounded by people who inspire you and make you happy.

If you feel depressed after a meeting with a person, it is often because they have rather negative charisma. On the other hand, with real bundles of energy, you notice that the energy is very well transferable. πŸ˜‰


Ask yourself what exactly is good about this moment

Stop a few times a day and try to see the good at that moment. This way you live more consciously and train positive thinking every day.


Laugh about yourself more often

Don’t you find people who can laugh at themselves very sympathetic?

After all, it doesn’t change the situation if you get angry for hours about a little mishap. Accept the situation and just laugh about it – because mishaps are human!

What kind of mindset do you have?

Take the test and see if you also have the Growth Mindset of the top 1% among the most successful & happiest people!

Yes, Test me! πŸ‘‹


Don't play the victim, because you are your own creator of life

'Above all, be the heroin of your own life, not the victim.'- Nora EphronClick To Tweet

Of course, we all experience strokes of fate that we cannot change. Of course, we should also grieve and talk about it. But every day in life we slip into the role of victims in every matter, we deprive ourselves of our own life.

How often do I hear: “I hardly have time for myself because of the job”, although many people are in a position to talk to their boss or to look for another profession. Of course, this requires a certain amount of willingness to take risks, but do you want to remain a victim forever?

During my studies, I also often heard “Why do you have so much time to travel even though you’re studying?”. Quite simply because I made the decision to study a little longer and work on the side. We have all the freedom to control our lives and in the end, it’s all about priorities.


Start your day with an energetic morning routine

A morning ritual can be a great habit to start the day with a lot of energy and zest for action. Positive thinking already starts in the morning hours and can be continued throughout the day through a vitalizing morning ritual.


In addition to work appointments, also enter your leisure time appointments

Fun is as important as work, I always say.

If you have time to work, you have to treat yourself to something in your spare time, too. πŸ˜‰ Work-Life-Balance Critics back and forth.

And isn’t it nice to have a few fun things in your calendar instead of just annoying appointments?


Strengthen your self-confidence

A positive self-image automatically leads to a positive way of thinking. If you trust yourself, you will look into the day with a lot of optimism. Know your strengths, compare yourself to yourself more often and keep in mind what a unique person you are.

Brian Tracy can help you. Watch his valuable tips in this video! 😊


Go daily to the fresh air and on digital Detox

Social media like Facebook or Instagram can beat us to death. Person X is sunbathing on the beach while you are sitting in the office, and person Y has achieved more in a few weeks than you have in your whole life… stop, stop!

The Guardian reports on a study in which more than 1,500 people between the ages of 14 and 24 have been studied on the impact of using social media channels. These have been shown to increase feelings of insufficiency and anxiety. Instagram came first, followed by Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

In order to escape the negative loop, simply isolate yourself from the digital world and focus only on yourself during your daily walk in nature. A long-term Digital Detox cure is the booster for positive thinking!


Relax more often through the power of mindful meditation

Meditation is the art of isolating oneself from the world of information and focusing on oneself. You learn to control your thoughts better and to banish negative ways of thinking.

Take time for yourself and train positive thinking through mindful meditation!


Move something in the world and support other people or social projects

'Be yourself the change you wish for this world.'- GhandiClick To Tweet

Negative thoughts often arise when we feel powerless.

What happened to “together we can achieve great things”? Many people are too busy with their own problems. You can already make the world a little bit more beautiful with small gestures.

For example, give a homeless person some food or hold the door open for an old lady. Maybe you would also like to participate in a donation project. You will not only give pleasure to your fellow human beings, but also to yourself.


Focus on the Present

Living in the here and now means nothing other than that your consciousness is completely focused on the present. In everyday life or even in conversations it surely happens to you sometimes that you wander off unnoticed.

You either think about the future or about the past. Physically you are present, mentally in another world.

If, on the other hand, you live in the present, you live exactly where life happens. Everything else is an illusion because “tomorrow” and “yesterday” are only concepts. Time is always here and now and that’s where you should be.


Replace negative habits with positive ones

Did you know that we make 95% of all decisions subconsciously? [5]

Often we have negative habits that waste our time unnecessarily and bring us nothing. For example, I like to go on Instagram when I’m bored. But this habit costs a lot of energy.

The master plan?

Expose your negative habits and write down which ones you want to replace them with. Keep a calendar and check every day that you have implemented your new habits. Little by little you will execute the new habit without thinking about it.

If I find myself going on Instagram, I’ll instead read articles on a specific topic I’d like to improve on. At the moment this would be content marketing, for example – that’s how I learn something new every day. So a negative habit can be replaced by a positive one. 😊


Keep your successes in mind on a regular basis

I can’t believe what can happen in half a year.

I’ve been abroad, working on various environmental projects, writing my blog and traveling the world as a freelancer. I’ve also been working at Mindsetboosting for almost one year, fully motivated and very happy! πŸ˜‰

Keeping all this in mind is an incredible feeling. So take a few minutes to visualize your successes in the last months. It is important to appreciate your results and to become aware of what you have achieved alone – be it small or big successes.

Conclusion: Positive thinking leads to a self-filled life and long-term satisfaction

What will you answer me in a few months if I ask you again if the glass is half empty or full? πŸ˜‰

Just watch this 2 min video and find out the answer.

Because as you now know, positive thinking is of great advantage for all areas of life. You learn new skills, discover countless possibilities for development and are simply more satisfied with yourself. You make life practically more worth living.

I am sure that you too can turn to the sunny side of life to turn your back on the shadow. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

What experiences have you had with positive thinking? Do you have any other tips? I am looking forward to your comment!

positive thinking make you happy

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