In this article, I would like to introduce you to a spiritual mindset. There are 5 simple tips for a spiritual mindset that anyone can use. For true spirituality to emerge we need to create inner peace. Because without peace you are not able to solve inner conflicts and achieve a spiritual mind. So maybe this is the sign you are waiting for.

3 Tips For a Spiritual Mindset 🔮 - This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage

5 Tips For a Spiritual Mindset ๐Ÿ”ฎ

#1 | Use the power of meditation

Take at least a quarter of an hour every day to meditate in a way you like. The latter is very important because only then will this time of reflection bring you the desired positive effect. Maybe you just want to sit on the bench in the garden with your eyes closed for a while or sit cross-legged on the yoga cushion. You may like incense sticks and relaxing music, but you don’t need them. Even meditating in a community can be very nice!

In meditation, just feel the floor under your feet, your body and your breathing, that’s all. Come inside to your home, connect with yourself in meditation. You will be amazed at how good that does!

#2 | Gratitude and appreciation

Positive awareness includes gratitude and appreciation for all the gifts of life. So focus on abundance, on everything that makes you feel happy and enriches you: Your health, your friends and family, your job, maybe practical things that make you happy, like your car or the like; as well as the daily little things that make you feel good… The smile of a person you meet, the sun in the sky, a tasty meal.

Write every evening in a gratitude diary everything you feel grateful for.

Appreciation is practically the little sister of gratitude. Everyone wants her and she can work miracles together. Show and express openly your appreciation for other people and live it just as much for yourself.

Because: As inside, so outside ๐Ÿ˜‡

#3 | Live in the here and now

Because that’s where life takes place! Often we are in thoughts in the future or the past and therefore do not perceive what is beautiful around us. The key to the here and now is your body and your senses. Stop often and consciously perceive what you are seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting.

The keyword is mindfulness – it brings you straight into the present moment ๐Ÿ™Œ

#4 | Practice grounding and centring

Spirituality doesn’t mean taking off. In order for this spiritual quality to enrich you in your life, practice grounding and centering. Here are two practical tips:

  • Keep your feet firmly and flat on the ground and feel the connection to the earth for a while. This is a small exercise with a huge effect if you take the time to really feel the difference. You can also practice it anywhere.
  • Become aware of your center by breathing consciously into your stomach more often and laying your hand on it. Take a few moments every day to do this. The eastern teachings speak of the power in the middle, of the “Hara” or “Powerhouse”, and if you also consciously center yourself “mentally”, you can live and act economically and balanced from your center without losing energy.

#5 | Follow your inner guidance

The more conscious you become and, thanks to spirituality, arrive at yourself, the stronger you will perceive your inner voice. Your inner guidance knows the truth and always knows exactly what the next steps are in your life. Trust this infinite wisdom within you and be worth following it.

I find it very practical to always have a notebook with you and to write down all thoughts, impulses, and ideas directly. In combination with daily meditation, you have a wonderful inner compass that is always at your disposal.

Your body is also an important guide here: does it react to a question with width or narrowness, with yes or no? Since body and mind are connected, you can always ask your body when you are mentally busy – e.g. with the tests of kinesiology.

The more you learn to trust your inner guidance, the more your life will flow and the more joy and ease will follow! At the same time, you can relax knowing that we are all connected and that life provides for us ๐Ÿ˜‡

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What are your experiences with spirituality – do you also believe in something “higher”? Or is this hocus pocus for you?

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I wish you a lot of joy, happiness, and fulfillment on your personal (spiritual) way!

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