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12 Mindset Tips to IMPROVE your Business Success intro

TL;DR These are 12 quick Tips, don’t be that lazy. (2 min)

The path to independence is not an easy and relaxed one. On the contrary. It is exciting, varied, challenging, lonely, difficult and incredibly enriching.

The decision for independence requires stamina and the right mindset. If you are already independent, but things are not going as you would like them to, then I recommend that you work on your mindset.

Mindset means your way of thinking or your inner attitude. This also includes your habits, beliefs, passions, and attitudes.

Your mindset is extremely important because it depends on how successful you will be with your business. Your mindset is more important than your skills and competencies. Really!

Immediately improve your mindset with these 12 Mindset Tips


Know your why

Your why and your vision are your inner motivator. They drive you and show you the way.

If your why and your vision are strong enough, then you are not only motivated to carry your business into the world, but you are also willing to persevere, overcome fears and learn from mistakes.


Choose courage more often than fear

If you want to succeed, it’s important that you be brave. It costs overcoming things to do for the first time. Especially when they are outside our comfort zone.

For our own growth, however, it is important that we do these things. We learn and grow no matter how well or badly we master these things.

The only thing that counts is that every courageous step is a success and makes you even more fearless.


Believe in yourself

It all depends on your inner attitude. A negative attitude will hinder your success and a positive attitude will promote your success. If you believe in yourself, you will achieve your goals.

Pay conscious attention to your thoughts and learn to recognize negative thoughts and reduce them.


Connect with the right people

Your environment is responsible for your success. Surround yourself with positive people, with like-minded people and with people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. The right people give you support and inspiration. They motivate you to stay tuned and continue working on your business, even if things don’t go so well.


Set goals that match you (and not the others)

Know and pursue your goals and not the goals of others. If goals are determined by others, then you are less motivated to achieve them. Own goals have a completely different meaning for us. They come from within us and motivate us to follow our path.

What are your goals and why do you want to achieve them?


Invest in your personality development and your business

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Investments in you and your business pay for themselves quickly. As a self-employed person, you deal with yourself much more than people who work in an employment relationship.

Developing a supportive mindset means that we deal with personality development. Having a successful business means that we invest in personality development. Besides investing in your personal development, you should get support from other experts, coaches, and consultants. They will help you and your business move forward faster because you will benefit from their experience and skills.


Do what you love

Again and again, I see people doing a job they don’t like. Even self-employed people do, many of them work with the wrong customers.

In order to be successful and independent in the long run, it is important that you can identify with your job, you do what you love and the job suits you, your strengths and passions. If you do this, it will be easier to master not only the beautiful but also the challenging days. And above all, you will be fully behind your business. With shiny eyes and a smile on your face.

Even if you don’t love every part of your job (accounting, organization, taxes, law, …), it makes a huge difference if you can fully identify with your business.


Have a vision

Visualize your why and your goals on a vision board. It is easier to achieve goals or make dreams come true when we see them in word and writing in front of us. They are then more binding and more prominent. (Here you will find a guide for creating your Vision Board.)

Every day I take one or more looks at my vision board and take a moment for my goals and dreams. Only after that, I start with my to-do’s.


Encounter challenges and be willing to take risks

There are no guarantees. Not in life and not in independence. Challenges are part of it. Independence is ups and downs and a real roller coaster of emotions. Be aware of this and accept challenges, because they help you to grow further.

It is similar to risks. Take risks, because if you always try to stay on the safe side, you will continue to step only on one spot and not progress.

Tip: Make yourself aware of possible obstacles in advance, because then it will be easier to overcome them when they appear.


Go ahead before you feel 100% ready

Our perfectionism and the feeling that we are not (yet) good enough prevents us from taking the next step.

  • The website is not finished yet …
  • The content of the webinar is not yet well prepared …
  • I still have to do the course XY and the continuing education Z …

Does that look familiar to you? Only when you get started will you find your way and be able to improve. Through mistakes and feedback, because that’s what we learn from.


Look back and check your status quo

Take your time to reflect. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Look back at what you have already achieved. Best in writing, so that you don’t forget it and you can be aware of your progress and successes again and again.



Choose abundance instead of scarcity. Live in gratitude!

If you always only see what you lack, then success will not come to you. Negativity prevents you from personal and professional growth. Stop complaining, annoying and moaning. Instead, be grateful for what you have already achieved.

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