Do you know that only 13% of all people achieve their own goals or intentions? Why is that so and what do the 13% differently than the others? You ask yourself how to reach the goal you desperately want? Do you also have difficulties in achieving your own goals and visions and want to know how and why successful people seem to be able to easily achieve their own goals? Find out which eleven simple tricks will get you closer to your goals here! πŸ™‚

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TL;DR Achieving goals depends largely on the right mindset and self-management and not on the fact that the goal is unattainable.

Many people take on so much work, but in the end, achieve nothing from it. Reasons for this are usually found quickly, even if most people do not want to admit these mistakes.

Probably the biggest reason not to achieve a goal is the lack of passion for the goal.

  • Did you come across this article because you have been trying to reach a goal for two weeks now?
  • Or maybe for two years?

Most goals are not reached, because the passion is not at all in harmony with the goal. The self-discipline and motivation are then quickly lost and the goal gets out of perspective.

In this article, you will learn the most important techniques to help you to understand your goals and to help you to ignite the necessary passion. You will find that with the right approach you become more disciplined and develop a stronger will.

  • Is it really your goal that you are pursuing right now?
  • Do you really want to achieve it?

By this, I mean that you really want it and are investing a lot of time and energy in it.

  • Do you perhaps get up at 5 o’clock in the morning to work on this goal before your actual work?
  • Or don’t you celebrate with your friends on Friday nights to work intensively on your goals?

I have some bad news for you. It is never easy to reach your goals and you always have to invest a lot of work and energy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to define it as a goal if you had arrived there at the same time. A goal always implies a way there at the same time. And this is sometimes shorter sometimes longer, but if you really want it, then you go this way no matter how long it is.

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If you have this attitude, the following tips will definitely make it easier for you to reach your goals:


Clarify your Why

One of the most important findings in my target management was to clarify the why for each target definition.

  • Why do I want to achieve this? Is it really my goal or dream we are talking about?
  • Or is it a thought that I have been told?
  • Perhaps from your own environment, partner or family?

Often, many goals are not based on one’s own wishes. You think you have to lose weight, but you are not really convinced yet. It would be cool to be independent, but if not, it’s not that tragic either.

You really have to want your goals.

So take your goals individually and write down on a sheet why you want to achieve this goal.

  • What is your inner drive?

If you have found your why, then remember it every day from now on and you will see that you will soon have enough motivation to work on your goal.

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Visualize your goals

An incredibly powerful tool to achieve your goals is the visualization of the goals. A lot of people have this goal in mind. After one or two stressful weeks the focus has been lost. You think less and less about it until you finally no longer work on your goal.

That’s why it’s so important to write down your goals. I myself use a whiteboard exclusively for my goal visualization. The upper third of the whiteboard represents my vision board, a landscape visualized with images of characteristics and long-term goals that I would like to achieve or where I would like to develop myself as a person. This illustration helps me to work daily on myself and my goals.

The rest of the whiteboard is divided into three columns in which I write down my goals and tasks on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis and read them through every day. I have incorporated the daily vision of my own goals and visions into my morning routine so that I really start every day to become aware of my goals.

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Publish your goals

People tend to have to justify themselves for everything and everyone. We don’t like it that way when we have to admit defeat to others. That’s exactly what we think it would be if we didn’t achieve a defined goal.

So tell your partner, family, acquaintances or like-minded people about your goals in order to build up additional external motivation.

The initiates should, of course, support you best in your project and motivate you and not talk negatively about you if you can not reach the goal immediately. I, therefore, think that like-minded people are more suitable, with whom you can at the same time exchange content.

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Get rid of bad habits...

… and implement new positive habits. Man is a creature of habit. He likes to do what he knows and does regularly over a longer period of time, or at least without thinking about it. So analyze your habits. Check if and why they hinder you in reaching your goals and then eliminate them.

Giving up an old habit (e.g. smoking) is easier than you think. A habit manifests after about 28 days. After that, you have defeated the inner pig and no more energy is needed to follow this new habit.


Not too much at once

Although many people are disciplined when it comes to pursuing their own goals, they are overburdened with many goals at once, all of which are to be achieved in parallel. However, this does not usually work.

A human being is only a human being and has only a certain level of energy. Above all, one loses unused energy through this multitasking, since one loses time and energy alone for the change from task to task, and thus from goal to goal.

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Divide big goals into many small ones

Some of the goals you want to achieve are so big that you feel completely overwhelmed at the beginning. You know that you won’t be able to reach this goal for a few years and lose motivation all the sooner. That’s because you can’t see any progress in the overall process.

Therefore it is important to break down the big and distant goal into many small partial goals. So it is much easier to always go a partial way to the next milestone than to always look at the big picture.


Reward yourself for milestones achieved

It is not right to only work doggedly on one’s goals and not to reward oneself in between for intermediate goals that have already been achieved.

Rather you can motivate yourself much better by rewarding yourself on the way to your goal.

Just as well you can discipline yourself for passivity and relapse into old behavior patterns by small but effective “punishments”. Here, too, implementation is easier if you do this point with an external person, so that you cannot lie to yourself so easily.

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Trust yourself and make mistakes

One of our biggest brakes on the way to success or goal is ourselves. Most people have immense self-doubts in some areas and before new situations, which prevent them from doing anything. They are incredibly afraid of making mistakes.

Become aware of what you have already done and achieved in your life and trust yourself.

Make it clear to yourself that mistakes are not mistakes like we were taught in school, but that every mistake belongs to it.

Mistakes help you to critically question the path you have taken, to optimize yourself, and thereby bring you closer to your goal. You have to make mistakes. You can’t know everything and you don’t always know what to do. So mistakes serve to find the right way and to arrive at the goal.

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Looking for like-minded people and role models

Motivation is everything. This happens over a not unimportant part by how our environment stands to our goals and tasks. If you have the same mindset, it is much easier to keep up your mindset and continue working on your goals.

Also looking for role models who have already achieved the goals you are aiming for can help a lot. Try to find out how these role models have achieved their goals and maybe it is even possible to connect and share with these people.


Focus on the task

Productivity is, of course, an important element in the achievement of objectives. Someone who works as hard in one week as someone else in a month will reach his goal much faster under the same conditions. The motivation will also be greater, as you will notice a much greater development at shorter intervals, which in turn will have a positive effect on productivity.

The biggest tip in terms of productivity is a hundred percent focus on the task.

Few people can do that these days. The flood of news and other influences keeps pulling us out of focus. A Facebook post here, an e-mail there and an annoying Whats app group there keep us out of the flow state at work in short and regular intervals. Rather, this scenario does not allow us to reach any flow state at all.

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Eliminate all distracting sources when working on your goals. It is best to move your mobile phone to another room, turn off the e-mail program and impose a Facebook, Youtube, Netflix ban on this working time.

Do the test yourself. Work a working day in such a way that you work one hour focused and then take a 15-minute break. You follow this rhythm for eight hours and compare your productivity with a normal working day. You will be amazed by the result.

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I'll do it and I'll do it now

Finally, there is the most important tip: Just start! You’re very motivated right now, otherwise, you wouldn’t have read the article this far. So start now! I don’t want to hear any sayings like “From tomorrow on I’ll start right through”. No, now! I don’t accept excuses.

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Start now and today to reach your goals! Start by writing your goals in the comments and a time when you want to reach them. Tomorrow is for your Anxiety-You πŸ™‚

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