You already know the difference between a fixed and growth mindset from this article. Here you will find 10 tips on how to develop and maintain a Growth Mindset. πŸ‘‹


TL;DRΒ These are 10 quick Tips, don’t be that lazy. (2 min)


Worthy effort

A Growth Mindset focuses on the ability to learn through a process. So it’s about making an effort.

Because this will make you better and you will eventually reach your goal.


Recognize setbacks as challenges

Not to accept setbacks as defeats is essential. Those who give up have lost.

That is why you must feel challenged by a failure. The exciting puzzle is why it hasn’t worked out yet and which paths still exist.


Replace "not" with "not yet"

It makes a huge difference whether you think, “This won’t work.” or “This won’t work yet.”

The little word “still” creates perspective. There is a whole world in these four letters.


Create Daily Challenges

Understand your brain like a muscle. You realize that you can train muscles. It’s no different with your thinking ability.

And every new knowledge and every increase in intelligence is the springboard for even more knowledge.


Leave your comfort zone

Neurons in the brain then form particularly strong new connections when we leave our comfort zone.

This is obvious because we all remember the first time best.


Check and define your beliefs

Faiths are the beliefs according to which each individual consciously or unconsciously directs his actions. You yourself can determine what you believe. You are an adult. So take responsibility for your mental alignment!

This can be done by looking closely at the principles you follow. Do they count as Fixed or Growth Mindset?


Appreciation is for everyone

A respectful attitude towards others takes you away from the fixed view of negativity. When you focus on the positive, you are solution-oriented and creative.

But you must also give your appreciation to yourself. No one is perfect and everyone is worth something. You too!


Math helps

One solution, 100 ways. Mathematics is the best example of how true creativity rarely shows itself in results.

If you have to prove this to your brain, take a simple task and find as many ways as possible to solve it!


An eye for detail

A Growth Mindset looks at the process rather than the end result. Because the goal was not missed, but not yet achieved.

A process consists of details. If you want to find out where in the process you can improve, you have to develop an eye for detail. You can practice this with a thought game.

Example car: What had to happen until you had a finished car standing there? Mastering fire, understanding physical laws, discovering and extracting the raw material.


Look at the big picture in steps

Develop an awareness that there is simply nothing you cannot comprehend or achieve.

You just have to build on each other step by step. It never goes immediately from 0 to 100.

That looks like that at most when looking at others at a certain point.

What do you do for your mindset and which tip helped you the most?

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